Watch “Muslim and Rwandan genocide survivor is set FREE by Jesus”

Here is my testimony. Be blessed .

God is so good!!

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God bless you,

Hope (Nadia)

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Yea! more lives going deeper with Jesus!

Thank you so much for your love and prayers. It has been a busy time for us but God’s grace is sufficient and with great joy we keep moving forward.
On the 20th, we put on an African night event in Surrey BC. It was a good and beautiful night that included African music, food, culture, East African market, a play by our children, a gospel message, and sharing our heart for Africa along with our upcoming mission trips across Canada and then Africa.
We were blessed to have a wonderful team of friends who helped with putting this event on. We were also blessed by all who came to support this work God has called us to. Thank you so much!

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We are planning another African night event this coming Saturday in Mt. Vernon, WA. If you live close or will be in town, you are invited ¬† ūüôā
The following Saturday, we were honored to baptize 7 people in Burlington, WA. It is always a joyous occasion to witness others take steps to go deeper with the Lord Jesus. The baptism was on our daughter, Elizah’s 4th birthday and a day before my 33rd birthday. We were surprised by a cake following the baptism.

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We have also been packing and we moved out of our rental place today ready to follow Jesus wherever He leads us. We will share more in days to come.
Thank you for your prayers.

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With love,

Celebrating Jesus in Pitana

Dearly Beloved,

Today is Pitana’s born again birthday (11 yrs old). It is also the day he got baptized. I am so thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in him. The first 4 months of our marriage were not easy as I waited for him to surrender his life to Jesus. But praise God when he finally did, he was truly converted- all the way! His hunger for the Word has increased over the years. He gave all to Jesus and eventually answered the call to give God all his time. It has not always been easy to be radical for Jesus because of the persecution that comes with it. But I have watched him keep his eyes on the eternal reward and the crown that awaits him yonder. Though I shared the gospel with him, he has since become my pastor. And I am grateful to see and know that he lives what he preaches.

Please help me celebrate Jesus in him. What wonders the Lord can do!

May I ask that you take some time today to :

1) Pray for Pitana

2) Bless him.  I know He has fed many; encouraged many; discipled many and fathered many. Why not encourage him today, be it in word or deed?

Here is a picture of Pitana before he got saved. Can you recognize him? Of course not, the old man died 11 yrs ago. He is a new creature in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!!


Above all that I appreciate of Pitana’s faith, is his desire to make Jesus known to our family on a daily basis. It would be easy to take off on a mission by himself, but he chooses to go with all of us so that all of us together can witness the goodness of God.

Darling, I love you. Jesus, I love you even more. Master, thank you. What a good God you are.

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.¬†Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24



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A Muslim (Hadji) saved!

Beloved, today I want to share with you¬†my father’s testimony. He was a Muslim; in fact he was a Hadji (had made the pilgrim journey to Mecca). This is how he got saved:
He came to see me in my room one day. While there, he saw my bible (I had just started learning about Jesus and going to church). At that time, he could not read English and his spoken English was limited. So he picked up my¬†bible which was in English, and began to read it and you know what? He could read English. He got so excited, wouldn’t you? He went to get a newspaper (in English) and tried to read it but could not! So he began to pay me a visit every morning in my room to read my Bible as he was interested in learning English.
But you know ‘faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.’ One Sunday morning, the last Sunday of the year, I was surprised to hear him offer to drive me to church! I quickly ran to change my clothes before he could change his mind. When I came back downstairs where I had left him, he was not there. I called him and shortly I saw him come down the stairs dressed in a suit. I said, ‘Dad, you don’t need to wear a suit to drive me!’ keep in mind I was 18 yrs old. He replied,’I am going with you to church today.’ Wow! I was so glad. God was answering my prayer right in front of my eyes. The Spirit of God really worked in him as we drove for those 40 minutes before reaching ¬†the church. For the first time, he was acknowledging God for the different things he had given himself credit for in his life; he was now seeing that it had been God working in his life. We reached church and the congregation was happy to see my father attend church with me. Being the last Sunday of the year, the Pastor announced that he was going to anoint everyone with oil and pray for each for the coming year. Beginning at the front, a row of people went forward for prayer. As some were prayed for, some fell under the power of God and others didn’t. My dad began to mock saying that those who fell down were faking it. Well, our turn came and we went forward including my father. The minister would get to pray for me before my father as he would go by my way first. As the Pastor made his way down the row, my dad says that he began to confess his sins asking God to forgive him. He began to think that maybe those that were falling down were the ones with worse sins. He said to God, ‘please don’t let me fall. Don’t let my daughter see how bad I am.’ And on he pleaded for mercy. Well, the Pastor prayed for me and I didn’t fall down. My dad was now sure of his theory as he said, ‘I know my daughter is good and she didn’t fall down.’ So it was his turn. While being prayed for, he felt weak but fought hard to not fall. You know what happened? He didn’t fall down backward like the rest of the people who had fallen down. A force pushed him down forcing his knees to bend and he fell on the floor kneeling down. You know ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.’ He could not feel his legs. While on that floor. He heard a voice in our native language, Kinyarwanda say, ‘he’s been received!’. When he was finally able to get up, he found me back in my seat. He asked me, ‘did you speak to me.’ I answered him, ‘how could I speak to you when you were at the front and I in my seat in the back?’ He then asked, ‘is there anyone here who speaks our language?’ I said, ‘no, dad.’ He could not get over that voice that he had heard so clearly. The following day was new year’s eve and there was going to be a service at the church. I being 18 yrs old was heading to Niagara Falls for celebration. My dad surprised me when he informed me that he was heading to church that night! Wow!! Well, he went and there he received Jesus. Shortly after, the power of God came upon him and he found himself speaking and singing in a new tongue. The Lord had filled him with the Holy Spirit. He was a new man. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!¬†He is a good God!

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Born Again Birthday!!


Hello Friends,

Please help me celebrate the day my wife Nadia surrendered her life to Jesus. It is now 13 years ago on March 11th that her life was changed. I pray that you will be encouraged as your read her testimony¬†on the site under Nadia’s testimony. May I also suggest that if you count Nadia a blessing in your life, you take a minute to let her know today? I am one of many her love for Jesus has touched. Click¬†here¬†to read her testimony.

The Lord bless you.


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Why believe in Jesus?

Jesus is the ONLY one who died for his followers proving his love for them. No other religion can claim this. No leader of all the religions of the world ever died for his followers. No other leader of the religions of the world ever rose from the grave proving power over death and the grave, giving hope to his followers that he can raise them at the last day. This causes hopelessness to those who don’t believe in Jesus because their only hope is in this life. Jesus believed so much in what he came to do that He went all the way to die for those convictions. Other religion leaders will tell their followers to do things that they themselves were not convinced of so much as to die for them. So believer in Jesus, settle it in your heart that you have believed in the right one. The bible says in Romans 5:7,8: Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. There it is, while you still used his name as a curse word, when you still cursed Him, he died for you to save you from Hell, how much more will He take care of you when you believe in Him. Romans 10:9 says that : If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you WILL be saved. Notice it does not say you may be saved but You WILL be saved. Father now i pray that you will save those that are calling upon you after they read this. In Jesus name i pray and believe.



Pitana’s testimony!!


Hello friends,

I have not shared my testimony before but while I was praying I felt impressed to share what the Lord has done for my soul.
My name is Pitana Mutana, born in Rwanda (Africa) in 1980. The last of 6 boys. I was drunk for the first time at the age of 6 at my grand parents house sipping on a traditional beer, ¬†I came from a well educated family. My father was a professor at the University, well sought out conference speaker, all around the world. My mother a teacher in High School. At the age of 8, I was very profane, I used to compete with a homeless boy in the neighborhood about who could curse more. I had composed a song full of profanity. We would sit by the road and curse cars that passed by. (Talk about being demonized!!). I grew up going to a catholic church every Sunday. At the age of 14, a civil war broke out in my country which claimed more than a million people in a matter of 3 months. During this war, my mother was killed. While fleeing the war zone, we traveled by foot for about 2 months, sleeping in the bush and on the mountains ( You, homeless? uh huh). At the same age of 14, i was introduced to adult movies which belonged to a relative that was a monk in the denomination i belonged to. At age of 18, i was a full time drunkard, i drank morning, noon, evening. ¬†By the end of the day, ¬†i would be so drunk, that i would pass out and my friends would have to carry me out. At the age of 19, i obtained a 4 year full scholarship to come to study in North America. One day i found my self sleeping on the street in Detroit Michigan as i had no money for a hotel( Now both homeless in Africa and USA) While in college, i became addicted to adult movies, it became my breakfast, i had to watch them every morning. ( In all this, the Lord had kept me a virgin, i had the fear of God for some reason, so to cope with the feeling of not being a real man, i immersed myself in adult movies to show my friends that i knew what to do.). i also was into much fashion. The latest in Hollywood was on me. I had GOLD hair, cornrows, braids, curly hair and you name it.My car had very loud hip hop music, the seat was pushed back so i can lean backward, (low ride, you know what i mean) All this really to try to fit in and feel the vacuum in my heart. At age 22 i met my wife who was then a brand new believer and a year and a half later we were married. 3 months in the marriage the Lord Jesus saved me, through mostly really the listening of the Word of God. My wife would play the audio bible while we slept, though i was not actively listening, the Word of God was going in,shaking things around, until i started to feel bad for the sins i used to enjoy and ¬†i finally fell on my knees and asked him to forgive me and save me. ( Do it also now if you are not sure if you are saved) I entered what ¬†I call ” Jesus recycle program” he specializes in taking garbage and recycling it and turning it into usable material, as a matter fact into miracles that people can marvel at. He filled me with his Holy Spirit and utterance to speak in other tongues, gave me an insatiable hunger for his Word and i am never the same again. Now i can freely talk about these things because he has set me free. I don’t drink any more, not longer addicted neither have a desire to go back to those things i mentioned above. ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS. HE IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL. Hebrews 13:8 says that : Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever” The only proof that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive, is that he can do all the things he did while on earth, otherwise it is another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit. He has given me ¬†a beautiful wife, 6 children and one on the way, called me to his service. He is still at work in me and that is what I testify. Jesus is ¬†still in business of seeking and saving those who are lost. Sing with me if you know the song:( JESUS SAVES, HE STILL DOES, he will make of you someone new, cleanse the sin that was). I pray that you who is reading will give your life to Jesus this moment, or renew your walk with him if you already believe in his name, in Jesus name i pray and believe. Amen.
Simply from your heart say this prayer: Jesus I confess that I am sinner, please forgive my sins and save me, come into my heart, be my saviour and my Lord, in Jesus name I pray.

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His inquiry led to his salvation!

This is a testimony of  a friend of ours Pastor Thomas from India, who is based in Oklahoma city. We hope that you will be blessed.

‘I was very strong in the Orthodox church and was studying to become a priest.We had good traditions and I liked them. I wanted to be a very good priest so I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation many times. The Bible was in my head but not in my heart. There were many children and people living in my house so I could not focus on my prayers. So I decided to go and pray in the church yard (cemetery) which was across from my home. My friend who came looking for me at the house was told to find me in the church yard. He brought a friend and we began to be praying together. (My friend when he found me praying waited for me to finish and then he he threw a pack of cigarettes he had and decided to quit smoking. The next day, he brought his alcoholic friend who also decided to stop drinking).’ The priest who would see them come to the church yard went to ask them what they were doing thinking they were up to no good. His friend replied, ‘we are praying.’ ‘That’s not where you pray,’ the priest instructed, ‘you come and pray on the porch of my house.’ So they met there for prayer.
‘I was tutoring some high school and college students so they all joined me in my prayers. One of the priest was invited to give a message in the prayer meeting. The prayer meeting had grown in number. There was a high school teacher who had recently converted from to Pentocostal. So the priest had a talk with this teacher. The priest was talking with great logic and understanding. Wonderful man. But this teacher who became a believer was only answering with plain scripture from the Bible. Suppose you are doing arm wrestling and someone gets defeated. So the scripture when it came, although the other side was great intellect, it was defeated. It was happening many times. So I felt bad for my priest. So I said to my priest, we called them ‘Father.’
Don’t listen to these people. They are crazy. They clap their hands, sing loud so blood will come into their brain. They speak something not logic (praying in tongues). If someone can beat these people with whip of thorns every morning and evening, maybe they come back to normal. The priest left. The prayer meeting went very well. Everybody went home peaceful except me. I had my 2 tutoring classes then I was sitting in a large room all by myself. I normally sat down on my knees and prayed to God all alone. I asked the ‘Lord’, a scripture came into my mind. ‘if you speak something against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven you, but if you speak something against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven you.’ The church I came from taught that when the Word of God comes into your hand, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all seized. So that is what I had in my mind. So I asked the Lord, ‘Lord, is it true that this gift (tongues) still exists. Many people used to call me to speak in conferences. So I need to know. So I asked the Lord about the reality, if it is still existing, I needed it if not then convince me so I can speak loudly about it. I never drank alcohol or did drugs, my neighborhood knew that. I wanted to be a priest and a clean priest. So while I was praying like that, the Holy Spirit convinced me that I am a sinner. I am a real sinner. For the first time, I was so sin conscience. Tears came to my eyes. So many scriptures of sin came to my mind. I had a spiritual diary at that time. How many lies I talk on that day etc… When I was sitting in the presence of God to know the truth, the Lord convinced me that none of these things can please God. ‘All of our righteousness are like filthy rugs.’ So I received Jesus in my heart while kneeling there. So I continued, ‘is speaking in tongues wrong Lord? My denomination teaches that it is not right. It seized. So what is the truth, if it is still existing then give it me.’ Like that I prayed. I There was only a 60W bulb in that room but I felt like a thick layer of white light filled that room. My heart was rejoicing. I got a peace beyond my understanding. A good feeling. I am a bad singer, a bad singer back then even today. But when I was sitting there, I sang a song in tongues. I didn’t know what I was saying but I knew I was praising God. Suddenly I started to sing the same song in the same tone in my own native language (tongue interpretation). Then I prayed in tongues, then I prayed in my own language. This continued from 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM. It was a wonderful, joyful experience which I can not explain with words!

Not sure about something you read, why not ask God to reveal truth to you?


Dinner and salvation for dessert!


On Wednesday, we had a certain couple over for dinner at our home. The lady told us that when she first saw us at the church ¬†she went home and told her fiance that she had seen us (we didn’t talk) and that she felt like we would change her life. She was fairly new at church. She then attended the prayer rally where God saved, delivered and filled her with the Holy Spirit. The new found faith was not easily received by her fiance so they separated. She began to attend the Tuesday prayer meetings we host and we encouraged her to be in the Word only to find out that she had already read 30 chapters. She is just feasting on the Word! Well, her fiance came back and decided he will go to church with her. They were there last Saturday when Pitana preached and took it all in. They came back for the same message on Sunday morning! What hunger for God! God worked some healing for her from her past as she came forward for prayer on Saturday. The man came over to us and explained that all this was new to him and he was wondering if we could come alongside him and walk with him in this new path. We were delighted and that is how we invited them over.¬†1 Corinthians 2:4 says:’And my speech and my preaching¬†were¬†not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in¬†demonstration¬†of the Spirit and of power.’.

One of the things that got this man’s attention is how real and powerful God is. He had had a high fever. His fiance put her hands on him and prayed for him and the fever left! Hallelujah!

Don’t be afraid to lay hands on the sick. God can take care of his reputation!

¬†We had a good visit sharing a meal, testimonies and life stories. As we shared a testimony, they asked a question which led to Pitana to explain what it means to be born again. Before he could conclude the man exclaimed, ‘I need that. That is what I need!’ So right there and then, in our living room, Pitana led him through prayer and he received Jesus into his life! Hallelujah! Glory be to God! We all rejoiced, the children shouted for joy, the man’s heart flooded with love and he began to express his love and gratitude. What a change!




Nadia’s testimony


The Lord reached down and saved me in March, 2002.

Back then I was a muslim, praying 5 times a day and fasting during ramadan. I dressed fully like a muslim and did my best to keep their rules.
My search began in 1994 in Rwanda (Africa) where I was born. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, with all the killings, shootings and bombing going on, I was much afraid. I sought comfort in prayer but since as a muslim I was to only pray in Arabic (a language I didn’t know- I was taught prayers that I memorized and prayed over and over), I didn’t know any prayer that related to my situation. What was I to do? Frustrated I cried out to God looking up to heaven and saying If you made me and caused me to be born in Rwanda and to only speak in Rwandese, then why can’t you hear me in my language. Did you create me yet you can’t understand my language? So I proceeded to express my fears to God looking up and talking in my language (breaking the rules of Islam I had been taught) but trusting that if God truly made me then, He would hear my cry and understand what I was saying. Instantly I heard in my native tongue,’You shall not die.’ Peace and comfort flooded my heart- I was then 11 years old. The shootings, bombing and killings didn’t stop. I would later face many near death experiences including a bomb being thrown on the roof under which we were sitting and a gun being pointed to my face. But in all these and other instances, the words ‘you will not die’ rang over and over again in my head giving me assurance that could not be understood.
In brief, my family and I made through the genocide.
In returning to the city where I was born and driving through the villages. We passed by some dead bodies. I remember thinking, ‘there must be a reason why I am alive. There must be a reason why God had spared me from death.’ I didn’t really know what that reason was, but I was very much convinced that there was a reason why I was still breathing while others lay on the sides of the streets breathless.
Fast forward. My family and I later immigrated to Canada. Life in Canada as an immigrant was not easy to say the least. New culture, schooling, peer pressure, loneliness etc. all hit me hard. Depression (though I didn’t know then what depression was) set in. I became suicidal, spending many hours and days in despair and contemplating which way would be best for me to use to end my life.
In this time, my brothers got into drugs and crime and I no longer felt safe at home. My dad had to work many many hours as an immigrant just to put food on the table. He would be home for only a few hours to sleep. Seeing the burden and hardship upon him, I didn’t want to add to my father’s full plate with my struggles. So I tried to hold things together, at least on the outside. Seeking escape, I took up dancing and going to night clubs. Being home at night by myself was then not safe (due to my brothers’ involvement in fightings etc), so I reasoned, ‘I will at least be safe in the night clubs.’ When I was not in school, I found refuge at friends’ homes. It is also in my friends’ homes that I would eat. (My dad would work hard and buy food in bulk that was supposed to last a month, but while I was at school, my brothers and their group friends would sweep through the kitchen, consuming all! Often, I would decide not to mention it to my father who was already over working. So often, I went to school on an empty stomach and not having anything for lunch. But God is awesome. He gave me good friends whose families took me in – I will always be grateful! One of my friends often bought me lunch at school while the other always welcomed me to her home for dinners (all of this took place without me ever letting them know that I was in need – but I think God allowed their families to see my needs). One of my friend’s family would even buy me bus tickets to get me to their home and return me home everyday. They would include me in their family budget! Thank you Lord! It is in this home that I would spend nights in, especially the nights that I needed to study for tests and needed to have time to concentrate (the family had given me a room etc. may God remember them for good in Jesus’ name).
A friend that I started going dancing with came from a christian home. Her mother would tell us that after we were done with our parties, she still expected us in church the next day. In wanting not to lose our privilege of having parties, we would all roll out of bed the next day and present ourselves at church. The mother began to have many sit down talks with me and she would listen to me share what is going on in my life (being the only adult that I would confide in) then she would pray for me. She had found out that I liked chocolate, so in her home, she would often hide away chocolate chip cookies and pull them out for me when it was time for us to sit down and talk. She then gave me a small Bible of psalms and new testament.
One night I was at home in my room and too afraid to sleep. At this time, I had seen a person show up at my home with knife. There would be fights outside the house. A person ran through the home with police chasing him. And once, the police busted my bedroom door open waking me up with guns pointed at me in search of someone. With my dad having to work extra long hours and multiple jobs to provide for us, I was left with no refuge when I was at home. So on this particular night, fear and thoughts of what could possibly go wrong in my home were keeping me awake. It is then that I looked across the room and my eyes landed on the Bible that my friend’s mother had given me. After fighting some thoughts of hesitance, I thought ‘what do I have to lose?’ So I reached for the Bible and began to read psalms. What I remember next is waking up in the morning. I was surprised when I woke up. I had not rested like that for a long time! There was a peace in me. I didn’t think much about it so I went on with the day. The night came and again I was terrified to be at home alone. All the sudden I remembered ‘wait a minute, last night I read that Bible and I slept well, let me try it again.’ So I did and slept well again! So for the nights that followed, the Bible became my sleeping pill!
What I didn’t realize then was that ‘faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.’So, faith began to be built in my heart. I started to desire to be in church, bible studies and youth groups. I read a lot of psalms and was wonderfully surprised to read of how David would talk to God. He talked to God about his emotions and about everything! Something I had always desired! To this day, I still pour my heart out to God. When I am joyful, I praise Him loudly, sometimes shouting and dancing around. When I am sad, I weep and cry like one mourning. My God understands. Jesus was human, so he understands my humanity.
A few months after, I felt an impression to go to Ottawa ON, to visit a friend. After my father gave me permission, I boarded the greyhound bus. During this 7 hour trip I remember thinking and writing down in my journal that ‘I don’t know what is going to happen on this trip but I know that I’ll never be the same.’ Sure enough, I was never the same after that trip!
On the day I was to return, my friend’s father, who is a pastor and whose house I was staying in, invited me to stay for the prayer meeting they were going to have that night. I felt such a pull to attend that prayer meeting that I changed my travel plans.
The prayer meeting began and a certain man came in and sat next to me. He did not greet me or say anything which I thought was rude. We began to sing songs, and the ‘rude’ man next me began to worship God in songs like no one I had ever known before. I desired such worship! I thought to myself ‘he is rude but he sings to God in such a way I have not seen before!’ His worship was intimate and he gained my respect. At the end of the meeting, he said to me ‘are you saved?’ I said ‘yes, of course I am saved!’ He said ‘when did you get saved?’ I replied, ‘I have been going to church for a few months now.’ In those months I had been going to church, no one had told me I needed to be saved. I thought that my duty was to make sure I went to church and be good- so I thought this is what he meant when he asked if I was saved. I think the Spirit of God moved him. He then asked if he could pray with me. Having gained respect for him, I said ‘yes of course.’ He said, ‘repeat after me.’ So he led me in prayer of repentance and confessing that I believed Jesus had died on the cross and God raised Him on the third day and confessing Jesus as my lord. With all my heart I believed every word that I prayed after him. And when we were done I cried uncontrollably saying over and over in my native language, ‘I am taken out of the midst of the dead into the living.’ (not even knowing the scriptures that pertain to this!) People tried to console me but I could not be consoled. For the following hour and half, I cried, tears of gratitude and awe of God’s mercy in saving me. I didn’t know the doctrines, but that day I knew and knew I was forgiven and spared from hell. After much weeping, peace and joy unspeakable flooded my heart. I was a ‘new person!’ The transformation was obvious to those around.
The following day was Sunday. Oh, how I worshiped God that day! Now I was experiencing the kind of worship I had only been able to observe the night before.
The following week while back in Hamilton, ON where I lived, I went to a prayer meeting of the church I was then attending. After the meeting, the pastor and his wife were praying for someone to receive the Holy Spirit (something I didn’t know then). There was some frustration as the person they were praying for was not able to speak in tongues as they were all expecting. Desiring to continue my time of worship, I went towards the back and walked back and forth singing ‘I sing praises to your name.’ As I continued to worship, all the sudden I felt such warmth and began to speak in another tongue! Those in front turned in surprise that, that which they were praying for was now happening to me!
That day the Lord baptized me with ‘the Holy Spirit and with fire!’
And His fire still burns within me.
Glory be to God and my Savior Jesus Christ!

Nadia Mutana