More blessed to give!

People are often amazed by how miraculously God provides for us, as if we are more special than others. ‘God is no respecter of persons.’ His principles work always. Someone recently told us that it seems like things just happen for us without any struggle. Here is a ‘behind the scenes story’. For years, we struggled and struggled especially in the area of finances. I had much fear and had to calculate everything. Now, I am not saying not to manage your money. What I am saying is that I didn’t trust God with our finances. We gave our tithes all the time, but I had a hard time going beyond that. Giving was not an easy idea in my life. I would come across an opportunity to give but then I would look on my own circumstances and conclude that I could not give. I kept thinking that one day there would be no need in my life and then I would be a joyful giver! Well, you got it, that day never came. Pitana on the other hand, had no issue in giving. It took a while as God worked in my life to first show me fear in me and then revealing and filling me with His love and convincing me over and over that He does not plan to harm me. When He asks me to give, it’s not that He wants me to suffer. God loves me and He loves you too. He so desires what is best for us. After what seemed like a long time and taking baby steps, I began to trust God with our finances and needs. We both remember vividly when I surrendered. I cried to God and told Him that, ‘I have tried budget, (financial counselor couldn’t help us. He said that in our budget we had made cuts that he himself didn’t know that could be made); I have done the math. But it has not worked. We are behind on bills, in debt. Lord. I thought I knew how to budget, but it has not worked for us. Lord I surrender. I let go of all I have known of managing money and ask that You teach us” I totally surrendered. Back then, I managed our budget. Pitana and I got in agreement and handed our finances and thinking to God. God then asked me to stop babysitting which I had started to do in our home. He also asked Pitana to quit his second job asking him to remain with only one job. God also instructed us to start giving our tithes on our gross income instead of net income. He explained to us that if we pay our taxes on gross, why do we then give out tithes on net income. Remember Jesus said, “give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s.” Pitana has liken tithes to taxes saying that tithes are like our heavenly taxes.

Do you know what happened the month we surrendered our thinking and finances to God? Well, our income was less as we let go of 2 of our incomes. Our expenses didn’t change but we had $600 left over at the end of the month! wow!! We still don’t understand it intellectually, all we know is that God’s ways work. He began to teach us to be givers. From giving $5 to $20 to $1000 (our only savings then). The Holy Spirit led us to have a 6 months food supply in our home. He would send people our way and then ask us to bless them with all kinds of food. He began to teach us to be hospitable. No no, not the ‘lets have you over for dinner and why don’t you bring an appetizer or dessert?’. The Lord taught us to that when we have people over for a visit to not ask them to bring a meal over. He taught us to trust Him to provide for us and those He sends our way including the strength to host. ‘Whatever you did to the least of these, my brethren, you did unto me.’ And David said, ‘will I give unto God that which costs me nothing?’ We learned to offer our guests, the very best we had that day and trust God for tomorrow. What tremendous blessings followed! As we hosted and had fellowship, our faith was strengthened as we heard what God was doing in others; we encouraged others as we shared what God was teaching us; we saw the unsaved come to believe in Jesus and much more…

God has taught us to live a giving lifestyle. Some may think that just because we are missionaries, we don’t give (financially) but instead go around fundraising. God was very clear to us that He did not want us fundraising. He said, ‘the worker is worthy of His wages.’ He asked us to focus on doing our work (what He is commanding us to do) and He will do His part of giving the wages.

But even as missionaries, we are blessed to experience the scriptures that ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Here is a recent  example: A few weeks ago, we had just over $200 to our name. We were praying for finances for this trip God was asking us to take to South Carolina. And do you know what God did? He asked us to give away the $200 we had!! After agreeing, Pitana went ahead and gave away the $200. Then we waited and prayed and prayed for provision for this trip. Well, the days were fast approaching and we had told everyone that we were leaving before the 20th as we needed to be in South Carolina before the 26th. Our desire was to leave earlier but that was dependent on when God released money to us. Well, on Saturday night, we found out we would have some money on Monday the 17th, so we decided to leave early Monday and  not rush through the states. On Sunday, we had no money to even fill up the gas tank. We still needed to have oil change done but no funds. In praying, God said, ‘I will send you some money but not all at once. As soon as you get some, just leave and trust Me to provide as you go.’ So, On Sunday morning we went to church and took care of making arrangements for the ministry work we oversee so that the work would continue while we are gone. While there, friends gathered around to pray for us. Before we left, they handed us $150. We held their hands and prayed over them asking God to look upon their giving and bless them. I cried as I prayed because God was just confirming His words to us that ‘as we go, He would provide.’ Here we had just made arrangements for ministry as we ‘go’ and God was already being faithful and I knew and knew that He would take care of all the details. On the way to church that morning, I had been asking God for some things I would like for our trip before we leave in the morning. Among those things were snacks for the road. We were in our van, pulling out of the church parking lot when a friend who doesn’t usually attend that church ran out of the church building to our van and asked if she could buy us snacks for the road! Isn’t God so good! We left overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness!!

We rushed home that afternoon and Pitana went to find a place where he could have an oil change last minute on Sunday and he did. Praise God!

We later went to a prayer meeting at 5 pm. We had not yet packed as we had just come out of a counselling session with a certain couple in which the man received Jesus. Hallelujah! But never the less, Pitana felt that we needed to go to the prayer meeting. So, we went trusting God that He would help us with packing! We had a wonderful time praying and worshiping with our brothers and sisters. They then prayed over us, some prophesying over us concerning the road trip. After the prayer, a brother stood looking at us steadfastly. He then came closer and asked us, ‘you are in need of money, aren’t you?’ He then handed us an envelope with $280. Money he had had left over after his vacation trip but now God had asked him to give it to us. Another lady came over and handed us $20 making it all $300. What a God we serve!

So off we began our trip the next day. Praise be to God!


Given a beautiful house to stay in for free

I have heard some say, ‘miracles were for then. God used to do miracles but not now.’ What a terrible comment to come from a christian! Can you imagine if this were true? That would mean that the God we have all put trust in is a changing God. Our hope in God is based on the fact that He is unchanging. I believe that He has promised eternal rest (heaven) to me. Now if God was changing, when my time on earth is done, I might appear before Him only to find out that on that day, He had changed His mind about me entering heaven!!!!
But praise God, He is unchanging! We can bank on His Word and ALL of His Word. Malachi 3:6
This is why I believe that He performed miracles in days past and He still works miracles today. ‘Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8

Here we find ourselves enjoying spring like we have not done before. We are enjoying the spacious home God has given us to live in; its beautiful landscape with divers flowers blooming in their appointed seasons. It’s pretty here! The children are enjoying riding bicycles, playing ball and running around on this 3.5 acres of land. We have not had that much space before. The deck is long and wide. The home spacious enough for large company. The garden is taken care of and is beautiful. There is a lady that is hired to care for the flowers and weed etc. Today we went out for most of the day while another lady came to do a monthly deep clean. We are starting to think of how to clean up the swimming pool and use it in coming days. On sunny days, we have recently began to enjoy fruit smoothies using vitaMix (appliances that I couldn’t buy for myself before- but was left in house for our use along with many other high end appliance). My favorite way to relax lately is putting up my feet in the lazy chair-like couch and sipping tea. My greatest delight is working with my husband all day long and having him around the children all the time.

Are we dreaming? Is this really happening? Tears just tread down my face as I think, ‘who are we Lord that you are so mindful of us? and what is our family that you have brought us this far? Psalm 8:4, 2 Samuel 7:18

Is it possible to thank Him enough for this?

Remember what I said? God is unchanging and His Word is true. Please don’t read and dismay saying, ‘that is just for you, you have faith. That can’t be for me.

God’s Word also tells us that He ‘is no respecter of persons.’ Acts 10:34
I read today ‘if you then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?’ Mathew 7:11
Please note ‘good things’. Often we expect God to give left over, second hand etc. But the scripture states ‘good things’. The question is: what are good things to you?

When God asked us last summer what we wanted in the next home we were to live in. We painted (literally) a picture that didn’t make sense to the mind and our circumstance. But trusted His Word that gold and silver are His. The things we drew on that picture He has provided and surpassed our asking and imagination according unto His Word.(Ephesians 3:20)

So, we write to encourage you, our brother, our sister. Can you stop putting limitation on God?

We know little about our God, there is much we don’t know but want to learn. We are encouraging you as we are encouraging ourselves. Let’s believe God. Let’s believe all of His Word. Do I know what that looks like? No. Am I afraid to find out? No. I remember where God took me from. That helpless, hopeless, suicidal state I was in. He has loved me all the way and still does. I can find no evil, not even one to say about Him. I know and I know He loves me and desires to do me good. So how can I fear to trust in him?

How can you fear to trust Him? This Jesus (the Word) that we all love.

In Christ love,


A new place to live

Dear brothers and sisters,
We hope you are all well.
The last few weeks have brought much changes in our lives and we wanted to update all of you.
End of January, the Lord led us to give notice to move not having found a place yet. Moving was not in our plans as you all know that we are awaiting the birth of our 3rd child this March. We wrestled with the word, but in the end we knew this was what God was asking us to do. The strange thing is that he asked us to rest and not even look for a place. But half way in the month of February, our flesh got the best of us, and we began to look on cregslist, newspapers etc to no avail. It was a battle as for many urgued us that this could not have been God to ask us to move to a place we know not. But if we can ask Abraham (the father of Isaac), He might say it sounds just like the God I know.
We are human and it was not easy sometimes for us to trust His voice rather than look at the circumstances. But we are very gratefull to all of you and many who did not understand it all (just as we did not) but yet stood in prayer for us. Many of you came to help pack, looked around for available housings, and showed us the love of Christ. We are so thankfull!!!
We have never had a move, so smooth and easy as this was!
When God asked us to move, we naturally assumed, we must be getting a house or bigger place and had our own picture of what our new home would look like. so in searching for a place, we were looking for what we had in mind. On Saturday, February 27th, the night before we had to move out, we were coming from looking at places without success. It was then that God spoke to us asking us who had told us to rule out basement suites and who had said He was giving us what we were looking for. That night at about 8 pm we repented and asked God to let us know what we should look for. Once it was clear, we got home looked online for a place and noted some down to call in the morning as it was already late.
On Sunday February 28th the last day of the month, the day which we were supposed to move, we called at 8:30 Am to view places and at 11AM, God provided a place! What we found out was that this place is a year and half, and since last summer had not been rented out. It was only on Saturday 27th that they decided to post the rental. So when God was saying rest, it is because the place was not yet for rent.
So we had a place, got home and at about 2pm-3pm began to call people to help us move at 4pm. God is sooooooooooooooooo good. A friend with a hugeeeeeeeeeeee! truck said he would come. Other male friends left their tvs during the closing ceremony of the olympics, and came to help, a couple of sisters came to help pack last minute things and settle us in the new place. By 6pm some things were already in the house, kitchen being set up and 8pm we were done!
What overwhelming love we have received! only Christ could move hearts of many the way He did. So many wished they could have been there, others showed up in the days following and we are now completely settled in. Praise the Lord!
Our landlords wondered at what they saw.
In loving one another do we show the world that we are Christ’s disciples.
Thank you for your love and support!
We pray our testimony encourages you and that wherever you are and whatever is going on in your life, you do not lose heart.
Our God is faithfull and He loves and cares for His children.
Be Blessed,
It is a pleasure to serve with you in the kingdom that can not be shaken,
Mutana family

God provides for our travels

In our journey, we have seen the goodness of the Almighty.

When we were in Kenya on a mission trip that lasted a full year,for months, we prayed almost daily for our needs concerning returning to Canada. Each of our sons, had a prayer list which they prayed for everyday and these topics were on:-

1) House to live in when we arrived in Canada. We had put our belongings in storage. Our concern was where will we go from the airport. Being a family of five and one more on the way, it’s not easy to find people to host us and we did not want to put that burden on any one. But we also didn’t have money for rent as Pitana would need to arrive and find some work for income. A few weeks before leaving Busia(Kenya), a close friend let me know that she had talked to a lady from her church about possibility to rent her basement when we returned.She asked her how much it was in case we would be interested. Three weeks went by and that lady from her church came to her and told her that God had asked her to give us her basement suite for free for five months! This woman did not know us and we did not know her. She had been renovating her suite to rent out to some students, but our Father had other plans! So while in Busia(Kenya), we had a house to move in. Glory be to God!!!
We didn’t see how it would work to travel for days with little children and I being pregnant then arrive in surrey and have to go to storage to find mattresses or cups and plates. So we prayed for favor. A friend suggested that some friends move our things into the house before we return. So our pastor, Edwin, and a close friend (mom) organized for the removal of our belongings from storage to our new home. The women then unpacked and set up our kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and even made our beds!! When we entered that home on April 5th, 7:30 pm, we were in for a surprised. Everything was ready for us including dinner in the fridge and some groceries for the next few days!! Wow, we were overwhelmed with the goodness of our God.

2) Plane tickets.
So now, we had a house, but no money for plane tickets. We kept confessing and telling everyone including our children that we were going back to Canada at the end of March. Now if you read our last newsletter, you know that in march we had a bit of financial issue and found ourselves with less than $1. But still we confessed we were going to Canada. Two and half weeks before end of march, we had less than $1, but then God moved and money began to come in from all directions. A week before departure, we had some money but were still short. God came through once again. Five days before our departure tickets were purchased! We had all come to believe that we were going back home although we didn’t know how. We even made a song about it that we and our children would sing over and over again as we danced! Thank God that Jesus is the High priest of our confession!!! but this means we must be willing to confess no matter how crazy we look. Two Sundays prior to departure, we stood before the congregation ( 300 people) and said our good bye. The interesting thing is that at that time we had no tickets yet in fact we didn’t even have enough money for the tickets. But we told them we were going back home and that they would not see us in Busia much longer. Of course they asked us when we were leaving. Our answer, very soon this week or next!!!! They were sad to hear we were leaving, and we went home to tell God, He now needed to show up as we had already said good byes!!

3) a van.
We sold our car before leaving for Kenya. With the new pregnancy, we now would need a van to be able to fit 4 car seats. We didn’t want to get in dept. So we prayed. Taking a bus was really out of consideration for us with little ones and I being pregnant. Plus, with family of five it can be costly to take bus anyway. A week after arriving back in surrey, friends from Kamploops, let us know that they had a van for us. They had done all repairs necessary, put on all season tires, did oil change etc. The middle seat had been broken but they found a matching seat online in Kelowna so they drove there, bought it and had it installed! all this within a few days of our return. Then, they suggested that instead of us busing to Kamploops to pick up the van, that they themselves would bring it down for us! So she drove the van down to surrey, did air care for us for 2 yrs and then we headed off to the insurance company to transfer ownership to us and to insure the vehicle. By 2 pm that Saturday, April 14th, we were owners of a GMC Safari 1999, an 8 seater van! Knowing our finances were limited, God gave us the van with more half of the tank of gas!! What an amazing God we serve!

4) ministry:
We want to serve God even here in Canada. So, we prayed for God to prepare us and lead us in how to serve Him here. In our church, we have already gone to work with some responsibilities given to us. The vehicle God gave us is already transporting people to and from church or meetings. Pitana is leading Bible study today and in the next few weeks. We are part of the evangelism team and are praying for ways to spread the Gospel here. The children and I will be serving as greeters at church and whatever else God will lead us to do in His kingdom, we know He will enable us.
We have received a few invitation to share at different churches, meetings and are waiting for God’s timing to go ahead.

5) Work for Pitana to bring in income.
This one we are still praying for and waiting to see what God has already provided for us.
You can be in prayer for us for this.

Mutanas (2012)



In our family devotions, we had been praying for a ride-on mower as we have a large space to mow. We looked up their prices and they were $1500. So we, prayed and the children prayed. Well, two days ago, a couple we met last week Sunday (not this previous Sunday but the one before) came over to our home bringing a ride on mower and a push one. They said we could use them for the summer and that if we have any problems with them to just call them! Praise God!! Isn’t He faithful!
The Sunday we met this couple, we were visiting a church we had not attended before. The Lord had laid it upon Pitana’s heart to go to this church. While eating breakfast before the service (this is what that church does), we sat across this couple. We began to talk. Before they left, they handed us a check just to bless us! Praise be to God. He is a wonderful provider!
When we first arrived here for this mission trip. We were praying for provision. Sure we had a house to live in, but we still needed food and other things. God gave us a certain figure (dollar amount) and said, He would always give us that amount each month. And month after month, He has not failed! He has restrained us from fundraising telling us that He is the one we work for, therefore, He will be faithful to take care of us.

We hope you are encouraged. God is still at work.
Be blessed,