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KW Youth Conference report

Thank you to all of you who prayed and supported our first ever Youth Conference. It would not have been possible without the generous support of our partners. Thank you!!

Jeremiah preaching the Word

Since this youth conference was Jeremiah’s idea, we want you to hear from him. Here is his own words of how the conference went:

This is the logo Jeremiah designed for the T-shirts. You can still buy one!

“The Kingdom Warriors Youth Conference, I believe, was a success. We had a modest sized group of people who gathered to hear the Word, worship, fellowship and encounter God. I believe they did!!

It was exciting for me to have my parents and my good friend Zadok Johnson share the word.

We also had worship time with my younger brother Samuel.

My siblings and I did two dances while my little brother Jairurs (5) drummed.

We also had a youth group from a local church put on a very powerful testimony of how Jesus set one of them free from pornography. It was impact-full and well done!

For me, I think the two main highlights was when my friend Zadok got on his knees and spontaneously began to sing and pray. Before long everyone in the room was on their face on the floor praying and worshiping. Such sweet presence of God!!!

The second highlight was when all the young people including me got prayed over by the older saint!

I am sooooo grateful for what God did. It was truly a good start!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


P.S. There was a sweet and very special moment of Pitana introducing Jeremiah and handing the mic over to the next generation! God is so good!

Ministry Updates

Tennessee mission trip

We have come to the end of our nearly 2 years of missionary work in Tennessee. God directed us to a small town we had never heard of. He provided housing and every need we encountered. We have learned a lot and grown much. We have seen much fruit in the kingdom and folks were saved, baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and discipled to walk in the faith and live out their identity and callings in Christ. God has been good to us. We have traveled extensively in the USA, God opening doors everywhere we went and the Kingdom of God being expanded in every place the Lord led us. See video for a brief summary of some the work we did.

Tennessee mission 2017-2018

God opened big doors for us and we began Radio and TV ministry, “Supernatural Results”. We also published our first devotional book, the “Unique Devotional.” We begun our online Discipleship school, With a desire to disciple others to walk in their God given destinies.

But the mission has not gone on without much difficulties. We were faced with our hardest trial ever! Our 7th baby was born, and born with much health issues which the doctors said were incurable. But we are grateful we serve a God in whom “nothing is impossible.” We have witnessed miracle after miracle in her life as God has healed her of 13 different incurable issues. We continue to cleave to the Word to see the manifestation of her full healing. We appreciate your prayers for her.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in (our baby, Grace) will continue to perfect it.” Philippians 1:6

Ministry Updates

Trip to Washington DC, 2019

We had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday! God is so good! We found time to stop by the White house. Did a prayer walk around the white house and executive office building. Prayed over a woman with broken leg right there in front of the White House! What an amazing freedom we have in this country to be able to talk about the name of Jesus freely (granted we get over our own insecurities). She was so grateful to hear of how God loves her.

We then did a quick visit to the Museum of the Bible, where we felt like we were literally in the Word! We absolutely had a great time. We wished we had a whole week to go through the whole museum. The Bible became more alive for our children! (Thankful for this homeschooling trip). We definitely want to come back! If you haven’t been, we recommend you plan on going. You will not be disappointed. The walk through the Old Testament was incredible! The Museum is well done! So grateful!

We then drove to a church in Beltsville for their evening service. On the way there I had a conversation with my Father, God and said, “Lord, I know you still speak through your servants. Demonstrate your love to my family and I tonight and call us out.” There was a different minister than the one we had hoped to see. We did not know this man. But he began to worship and after, he said that he had a vision in the morning. In the vision he had seen an angel in the church and he said , “I know exactly where the angel was.” He then walked to show us all where the angel was. He walked straight to where O was sitting and pointed above me. He said, “the angel was right here and pouring oil over her ( meaning me, Nadia)!

Before the minister walked towards me, I was already in worship and so overwhelmed with the presence of God. I had been crying as His love enveloped me.

The minister then asked me to go to the front (tears streaming… How God is so.good!). He continued to say that he asked God what the oil was for, then God told him, it was the oil of healing! Right there, God has touched my heart. The man clearly seeing me.on my knees totally overwhelmed that the God of the universe was right now zooming in on me just to demonstrate His love for me, asked me what healing I needed. I told him that my daughter needs healing. He then began to describe some of the area she needed healing.

He took time to pray for her healing. Stopping to share testimonies of some of the healings he had witnessed as he prayed for people. He then, talked about how “with God, all things are possible.” My highlighted scripture for the last few months! He asked where we were from and how we had heard about the church. I told him that Pitana felt that we needed to come and so we got in the van and drove for 3 days!

Praise God! He prophesied over our baby confirming what God had told us. After ministering the Word. He prayed over different people including our whole family. Our son, Samuel was instantly healed of stomach pains he has had for about 9 years! Glory be to God. Our youngest son, Cyrus was also instantly healed of neck pains.

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Ottawa, CA. April 2019

We love divine connection. We arrived in Ottawa 3 days before Matt Sorger’s meeting. We had no idea that we would be in the same town. We were so blessed and ministered.
We also really enjoyed wonderful fellowship and ministry with brothers and sisters in Ottawa at Canada’s first Pentecostal church! God is good!

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Glory be to God!

We never seize to get amazed of how God leads us, even to places we had never heard of. But He always confirms His Word with signs following.

We have been privileged to minister in Cookeville where we witnessed God fill two young people with the Holy Spirit and fire while encouraging and blessing marriages and families. He is so good!

Recently, Pitana preached on the ‘militant church,’ in Wayne County, TN.

What a wonderful word it was. He was calling us to needed foundations of our the gentile church. Giving, praying and fasting. Based on A take 10 the account of Cornelius.

Ministry Updates, TV ministry

Supernatural results TV program!

We pray that you will experience supernatural God kind of results as you watch! Be blessed!

If the message has blessed you, please share with friends and family, subscribe and click the bell so you won’t miss all the upcoming episodes.

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Our vision for African families


Our first mission trip was in Kenya Africa for a year. We traveled and ministered in 11 cities. As we lived, interacted and ministered in various locations, one particular need kept presenting itself.The need for teaching on family life was GREAT and in all the places we served, it had never been taught.

                                                             may 2011 in kenya 079
Our hearts were burdened and we cried out to God. It was then that He gave us this vision:

He said, “for many, many years, missionaries and mission work have come to Africa to help the orphans and widows. And that is good. There has been much work done to help the poor. And that is good. But I don’t want you to treat the symptoms anymore but to DEAL WITH THE ROOTS!”

What roots?

1) Unfaithfulness in marriage resulting in HIV which creates an endless flow of widows and orphans
2)Polygamy ( common in the cultures) also resulting in HIV. It is also a common among Christians especially in villages.

As for poverty?
-It is not hard to figure out that a man with 2 or 3 wives and children from them all, will often struggle financially to care for his family thus increasing poverty.
The Lord impressed on our hearts that we could see a change in this generation and generations to come if we will start teaching His Word as it relates to family.

Now, we lived in Kenya that year of 2011 and taught on what God had revealed to us. In that one year alone, we saw a tremendous change in families!
Since returning from that initial trip, we have prayed waiting for the right time to return and set up an ongoing ministry to the African families. We finally think it’s time!

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Will you consider partnering with us on a monthly basis for a gift of $20; $30, $50; $100; $200 or more?

Please click here to give.

may 2011 in kenya 051

Our desire is to also be taking families to Africa for short or long term missions. Because we saw first hand the fruit born from us teaching the Word, but also from them just watching our family live life. We are excited to see how many lives would be impacted when other families join our family on the mission trip!
If you would be interested, please let us know.

Finally, the Lord has asked us to share the vision. Feel free to share with those you desire.

If you, your family, small group, church or business would like to partner with us and help sponsor this work. Contact us and we will be glad to serve the King of Kings with you.

may 2011 in kenya 062

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Read about our last mission trip to Kenya, East Africa here.

Pitana and Hope (Nadia) Mutana

Ministry Updates

Augusta, Georgia

We were recently in Augusta, Georgia. We had an amazing time with God in Worship and receiving the Word of God at the conference we attended. What great revelations!!As we were being overwhelmed with the amazing miracles and revelations God was releasing to us, we felt the need to stay longer than we had planned. This meant spending more money. Longer hotel stays and increased meal gas expenses. Well, we were just about out of money. So we began to pray.

To shorten the story, we received a phone call from a family we have not met yet. They and their friends, offered to pay for the extra hotel stays! Wow!! They called the hotel and took care of it. Praise be to God! Hallelujah!! To this day, we have not yet met these wonderful people.

One need was met. We thanked God. We then waited to see how He would provide for the extra food. We got another phone call. A lady we had just met in one of the meetings. She was coming to the hotel to see us. She showed up with lots of food and drinks! We still have some of those drinks!! What an amazing God we serve! She had prepared the food for a birthday party but they ended up not needing that food. She said that when she saw us, she just knew that we are the ones she had cooked for. So, she wonderfully unloaded her beautiful feast in our hotel room.


So, we were left with gas money. That evening, we got a call inviting us to an African Christian Fellowship meeting the next day. We went and found them discussing the how to do missions… We knew why God had planned for us to stay. We spent that evening ministering and encouraging our brothers and sisters as the Holy Spirit led us. It was an ‘awe’ moment seeing how God had planned for this meeting and the after meeting. What divine connection! Before heading to the hotel, a gentleman came and thanked us and handed us cash. Then the leader stopped us on our way out and handed us a check! God had provided for what He had asked us to do.

Often, people want to wait to see everything in place before obeying, but that is not faith. God just requires us to OBEY! It doesn’t need to make sense to us. In fact, most of our Christian walk doesn’t make sense.

God is asking us to simply OBEY.


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The God that provides, part 1

We serve a living God. A wonderful Father that provides well for His household. I want to share some testimonies of His wonderful ways of providing for our family.

The summer of 2015, we were in Niagara Falls Ontario. We wanted to go up the Skylon tower until we realized how much it was going to cost our family of 8. So we settled with just visiting the falls.

This past summer while ministering in Niagara Falls ON, God granted us our desire. A lady whom we ministered to told us that the Lord had asked her to give us a TOUR OF NIAGARA FALLS! It turns out that she is a tour guide in Niagara Falls. So we made arrangements and she came to pick us up in the tour bus of the company she works for! Just us, our family! Wow! She gave us the complete tour including free rides up the Skylon Tower; photo shoots at the Towers’ booth and the history and information we didn’t know about the Falls. A 5hr guided tour, all for free!

It was definitely way more than we had imagined.

God is so good.

She even showed up with a meal for us where we were staying one of the nights.

God cares. How wonderful He is! Be encouraged, He knows your needs and cares for even your desires.