Raised from death’s bed!

A few years ago, one of my brothers got hit by a skytrain in Vancouver, BC. Somehow, he ended up falling into the train tracks and getting hit by a coming train, which dragged him 8 ft before it stopped. By the time the ambulance got to him, they expected to find him dead. His skull had been greatly damaged; his leg and of course all around his body.

skytrainIt was on a Sunday morning, as we were getting ready to go to church that I received the phone call with such tragic news. When I got off the phone, I called the church and asked them to pray. I then handed Pitana our first born who was almost 2 yrs and excused myself to go pray. I didn’t know how to pray, but I thank God for the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:26 ESV “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.”) So I started to pray in tongues or in the Holy Spirit as Apostle Paul put it. I groaned so loud that our neighbors came knocking at the door. Pitana answered and let them know that I was crying out to God because my brother was near death. I didn’t care who heard. I was interceding that his life be spared. I did not stop crying out until I had the assurance in my spirit that my prayer had been answered. Peace flooded me and I lay down on the floor for a while, exhausted (Prayer can be hard work). When I regained strength, we headed to the hospital where we found him in a coma. The doctors had said that they didn’t think he will make it and that it was already a wonder that he had stayed alive that long. I told them he would come out of that coma and that they should be ready with the next step of care. Sure enough, on the third day, he came out of the coma. Hallelujah!! And miraculously, on the 7th day he was released from the hospital with only a minor leg injury! The doctors could not believe what they were seeing, but this is our God- our miracle working God- the giver of life. Praise be to His Holy name. Hallelujah!


He healed me!

A few months ago, I was having a really bad back pain. It got so bad one night, I could not sleep. I had to be up standing, then I would get tired, trying lying down only to find the pain unbearable. It was a miserable situation! We had traveled to Skagit Valley, WA and were staying with a friend whose husband used to be a chiropractor. Being in pain, I asked her if she knew anyone that could help me for free. She said she would look into it. But by the end of our quick trip, I had not been able to get that help. Years prior, I had this pain and ended up having to see a chiropractor for a while. When we returned home, I was standing in the door way telling Pitana that my back hurt so much, I just needed to see a chiropractor soon. Our 3yr old daughter walked in between us and quickly commented, “then, just ask Papa to pray for you and you will be healed,” and off she went.  My hopes were fixed in the wrong place. Since, I had had this problem before and had ended up seeing a chiropractor, my faith was not in turning to the Ultimate Chiropractor. But with my little girl’s comment, I was pierced, convicted and I saw where I had gone wrong. I had not turned to God first. It is sad to admit. Thankfully Pitana, did not preach to me either but I knew he had been praying for me to turn to our Healer. I later, repented and then asked God to heal me. He is so faithful, He healed me. I got up one morning and I was completely well! He had done it for free too! Hallelujah!

Maybe you are like me and need a reminder to turn to our loving Father first. Perhaps you have exhausted all other means, why not sincerely turn to Him today?

He is still the I AM that you and I need.




What a healing testimony!

Back in the summer while we were in Midland, Texas, I got on the phone with a friend from Washington state. She was pregnant and had been having issues with her stomach. Finally, the doctor had come back to her and told her that her stomach muscles were not functioning well and that she was to go on a liquid diet. When she told me that, it didn’t sit well with me. I remember thinking that that is not how God designed her body to be. So, I prayed with her, commanding her body to align with the Word of God and refusing the report of the doctor. After praying, I told her to go and eat food. I said she would be fine, “go and eat.” She said that her faith was built up. When she got off the phone, she made a decision that she would walk in faith and eat. She went and ate a little bit of food; and she had some pain. The next day she continued to have small meals with some pain. She continued for 3 days. The more meals she had, the less the pain she got. Of course she had to keep standing on the Word. By end of 3 days, she was totally fine. She has been eating solid food since then. We recently went to see them and meet their new healthy baby. God is so good!

I hope this testimony encourages you. What God does for one, He can do for you. Let us also walk in faith and place that situation that is overwhelming you before God. Remember, God has the final say in every situation. He just needs us to believe Him. “Who hath believed our report?” Isaiah 53:1


Healed of low iron!

During our 5th pregnancy, I had very low iron levels. I was very weak and spent most of my day lying down on the couch. The midwives told me to try different supplements which I did only to find out that my body could not take them. They caused me much abdominal pains which resulted in me being hospitalized. We prayed and cried out to God. During one of our family worship time, one of our children saw a vision in which he saw new blood being poured in me. Well, that was it, I did not feel as weak as I had been feeling before. In fact, when I got tested again, it was reported that my iron levels were rising. Praise be to God! I never took another supplement or struggled with low iron again during the pregnancy. God is good!!

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Devil swept out!

Recently in Louisiana, we met a sweet elderly lady who shared this testimony with us. I think you will be encouraged.

One of her daughters had health challenges from a very young age. She also had arthritis and could not walk or do things that other children could do. One day, this sweet lady got tired of the devil messing with her daughter. So she took a broom and opened the door, and proceeded to sweep the devil out of her home commanding him to leave in Jesus’ name. And the devil left!! Shortly after, the daughter began to get better. Soon she could walk, play ball and have a normal childhood. Halleluah!! Glory be to God.


Samuel’s leg healed!

Early March 2010, I was 8 months pregnant with our third child when our second son’s leg got fractured while playing with his older brother. We took him to children’s hospital where they put a casque from his thigh to his toes. They said he would have the casque for 4-5 weeks and then they would reassess to see how he would be healing up. We were given a follow up appointment with a specialist.The next morning, I realized that I could not carry around our almost 2 yr old then in his casque all day- to the washroom, from room to room etc and have a full term pregnancy. I began to have early contractions. In desperation I came to the conclusion that our son needed to be out of that casque for I was not going to have a premature baby. My husband came home and we talked about it. We decided to trust God to heal him! We sat around our table with our older son (then 4yrs) and prayed for total healing. We believed God had healed him even though we could not see it because he still had the casque. After thanking God for the healing, we then asked him for favor with the doctors that when we take him back, they would be willing to take the casque off even though it would go against their medical thinking.

We took him to the nearest hospital to us and waited in the emergency room for hours. I slept on the bed provided for him as it slowed down the contractions. The doctor came in and asked what he could do for us. We told him that we just needed to have him take off the casque from our son’s leg. He was shocked with the kind of requests we were asking him. He told us that we would still need to wait for the 4-5 weeks to go by and that taking it off early would prolong the leg’s healing. I told him my condition and let him know that I could not keep carrying him around. In our hearts we were praying much and asking God to do the impossible. Some friends were security guards at the hospital so we had asked them to join us in prayers, Finally, the doctor agreed reluctantly. He said he would give us 24 hrs to take baby home with us without the casque and that he was sure we would bring the baby back in pain and begging him to put back the casque. We told him we would not need to and that we were thankful he was going to remove the casque. As the doctor, my husband and our oldest son walked to the room where the casque would be taken off, the doctor was trying to talk himself out of it. He would say, ‘the boy will be crying in much pain.’ My husband would answer, ‘he will not have any pain. He will not be crying.’ On and on this went on. Every time the doctor would say anything we were not believing God for. My husband would counteract by saying what we were believing God for. Finally the doctor cut the casque off and was sooo surpirsed that our then 20 month son did not cry. God had truly given him the peace even with that big saw looking equipment cutting off the casque inches away from his skin! He then proceeded to touch his leg saying that now the boy was going to cry due to pain. Again my husband said that our son would be fine and would not need to cry. The doctor was again surprised to see the child not crying. He then squeezed the leg tighter and our son was fine. He placed him down and the boy began to walk well. Praise God! The doctor was in total shock.
We kept our follow up appointment in the weeks that followed. While in the specialist’s office, the doctor asked us where the boy was that had the casque. We pointed to our son who was playing, running around in the hallway. She could not believe it. She ordered another x-ray. The results came and sure enough she could see that the leg had been fractured but had healed. She asked what had happened and we explained to her how God had healed him. She told us to go and enjoy!
God is so good! To Him be all the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen


No suicide

Recently, a close friend received a phone call saying that a young relative had left a suicide note and was missing. We gathered to pray and many others who heard about it. In prayer, the Holy Spirit led us to refuse the report (disagree with it). We declared that the young man will not die. We prayed that the Holy Spirit would search him out and that he would be found safe. Hours later, he was found alive! Hallelujah!!


Pregnant woman healed!

We were in a meeting recently when a prayer request was given to pray for a lady who is 6 months pregnant but had been in much pain for a week due to the gallbladder. The one giving the prayer request was asking us to pray that her friend would be willing to go get surgery done and that that surgery would go well. I interrupted asking why not pray for healing. To my knowledge, God’s surgery is always way better than man’s surgery. So, we prayed. Do you know what, God touched that woman that very day and healed her!!She came to see us the next week and testified. God is so good!



Set free from drug addiction

A few months ago, we met a man at a conference, as we conversed, he began to share about his family. We learned that he had a daughter whose life has been ruined by drug addictions. We put our arms around him and interrupted him suggesting that we pray. We prayed right there and had the assurance that God had answered us. The man, he himself knew and knew that God had heard our prayer. He was overjoyed! We recently got an update that the daughter has been clean for more than 40 days! Glory be to God! Hallelujah!


Healing at the hospital

Last Sunday we visited a church in California and heard a man share this testimony. Get encouraged.

He and his friends were out evangelizing. At 10:30 pm, they were tired and getting ready to go home when the Holy Spirit spoke to him about a certain sick woman at the hospital. The Holy Spirit gave him clear description and told him to go look for her at the hospital and pray for her. He tried to reason with God giving different reasons why that might not be a good idea. The Holy Spirit persisted and he surrendered. He was able to convince his friends to go with him. When they reached the hospital, they looked for someone that fit the description that was given him but there wasn’t anyone. They then went to the emergency and asked if ‘anyone’ there ‘was sick’!!!! Well, of course they were all sick! A few asked for prayer and his friends started to pray for them. He walked outside the doors looking for the woman who fit the description the Holy Spirit had given him. The ambulance was just pulling in and the medical personnel were helping out a woman who fit the exact description the Holy Spirit had told him! He approached her immediately. She was having so much pain in her abdomen. He proceeded to tell her that God had sent him there to pray for her. The nurses told him that he would have to wait until they got her in the room and then he could come in. He then joined them in the room. With everyone there, he laid his hands on her and the woman (a demon in her)began to manifest. He said that he realized that the demon had to go out of that woman soon or he and his friends would be the ones thrown out of the room. He commanded that demon to come out in Jesus’ name and it did. He then asked the woman about her pain and she said she no longer had pain! He went on to tell the woman that she needed to be saved or otherwise the demon would come back with stronger ones making her worse. The woman was so ready to get saved so he shared the gospel and led her to Christ. Then he prayed for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit and she was filled! 

Praise be to God!