Ministry Updates

The God that provides, part 1

We serve a living God. A wonderful Father that provides well for His household. I want to share some testimonies of His wonderful ways of providing for our family.

The summer of 2015, we were in Niagara Falls Ontario. We wanted to go up the Skylon tower until we realized how much it was going to cost our family of 8. So we settled with just visiting the falls.

This past summer while ministering in Niagara Falls ON, God granted us our desire. A lady whom we ministered to told us that the Lord had asked her to give us a TOUR OF NIAGARA FALLS! It turns out that she is a tour guide in Niagara Falls. So we made arrangements and she came to pick us up in the tour bus of the company she works for! Just us, our family! Wow! She gave us the complete tour including free rides up the Skylon Tower; photo shoots at the Towers’ booth and the history and information we didn’t know about the Falls. A 5hr guided tour, all for free!

It was definitely way more than we had imagined.

God is so good.

She even showed up with a meal for us where we were staying one of the nights.

God cares. How wonderful He is! Be encouraged, He knows your needs and cares for even your desires.

Ministry Updates

God, our Healer!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. From our last ministration at the church here, we received testimonies of healings from people we had prayed for. One is a lady that the Lord had given me a word of knowledge about a sickness in her body that she had been praying for for a long time which when I told her she confirmed that it was true and it was her liver and I prayed for her and she happened to go the hospital because she had a flu and they did some other tests on her and to her surprise told her that her liver was now completely well. Praise God! Hallelujah!

Another one is of a young lady who had many chronic complications in her body that constantly bothered her and I prayed for her and she later reminded me who she was when she stopped by the church as she had moved to another town and told me that she got completely healed when I prayed for her. Praise God!

God’s promises of healing are as sure as his promises of salvation.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Pitana & Nadia

Ministry Updates

Fort Stockton TX, 2017

On our way to San Antonio TX, we spent two nights in a small historic town called Fort Stockton. We arrived on a Saturday and began to prayerfully ask the Lord where he would have us worship in the morning. He led Pitana to a church by the name Grace Point church. It was the Superbowl Sunday. Our sons were really wanting to watch the game, but we don’t have cable in our RV. So, we told them to pray that God would provide a place to watch the game; perhaps someone from the church we would be attending.

We were warmly welcomed and by God’s doing, we happened to be there at a very critical time in that church history. They were transitioning to move into a bigger building and were still casting the vision before fundraising to finish renovations in the bigger building. It was an emotional time for the church as they were looking back at God’s faithfulness in answering their prayers and the miracles He had performed to get them this far, such as, making a way for them to buy the 20,000  square foot building and parking lot for only $200,000 when JUST the parking lot was on sale for $200,000! But that is God! He owns it ALL!!

In our brief introduction meeting with the pastor and his family, arrangements were made for dinner and the watching of the Superbowl game at his home. The boys were overjoyed. God had answered their prayers!

We spent the evening in wonderful fellowship with the pastor, his family and his leadership team and their family. Great food; enjoyed the game but best of all. Talked about our First Love, JESUS.  We were honored to encourage these wonderful brothers and sisters as we shared the Word and testimonies of what we have witnessed God do.
Divinely appointed, we had made new friends.


On our way eout, some walked over and handed us cash and a check, thanking us for joining them that night.

Truthfully we had been tremendously blessed by their hospitality and reception of what we had to share. We had been fed and found like minded brethen to spend time with. Our children had had new friends to play with, watched the game and to top it all, God was financially​ blessing us, encouraging us to keep going. Going to wherever else He would lead us.

Praise be to His Holy name!


A visitation from Jesus part 2

The Bible says in Job 10:12 the following: your visitation has PRESERVED my spirit. So as you see from this scripture,  a visitation from the Lord has a purpose and that is the preservation of your spirit. It is something to be desired and asked for. Most of the time we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4:3). Sometimes we don’t ask because we don’t know if we should ask. Rarely will the Lord sovereignly pay us a visit but most of the time He wants us to ask Him to. The purpose of my sharing is to encourage you that this is your inheritance in Christ. He said that a little while from now, the world will not see me but you WILL see me( Not might but will). John 14:19. As many are reading this and running with it, I pray that you will be one of them. In Jesus name I pray and believe.

Ministry Updates

California/ Arizona 2017

We spent December and January resting and seeking the presence of God. What an amazing time of refreshing both physically and spirituality! We are in great expectation to see the goodness of God and His glory manifested this new year. We know there is more to God, so we are pursuing Him more.
Our children enjoyed many outdoor sports, swimming, music lessons, art lessons and serving the retired community we camped with. They served them waffles a couple times a week. What an amazing ministry they had with these precious folks who were many miles away from their families as they journey south for the winter. Loneliness can be a terrible companion in their later ages. But praise God, you just never know what serving a simple meal can do.

The first week of February, we traveled to Tuscon, AZ to a family we had never met. Their daughter had read my article in the Above Rubies magazine. She then wrote me to tell me how God had used that article to really minister to her. This was 2 years ago. We met then in Phoenix, AZ at a family conference. We shared our testimonies and ministered to our brothers and sister in prayer.

A few days later we joined this family in Tuscon, AZ to share the love of God with their friends who are not saved. We spent that night in worship, sharing our testimonies and the gospel of Jesus Christ and answering question till close to midnight. that group was definitely hungry for God and it was our privilege to share with them that which we have been entrusted by the Giver of all good things. To God be the glory! Hallelujah!



A visitation from Jesus!

One night I went to bed and had a dream and I saw myself kneeling in a certain house. Then while kneeling I looked up and I saw the Lord Jesus as a watchman upon like what you see when you visit those historic fort sites which have on the wall a place where the watchman stands watching. And the Lord Jesus seemed like He was looking toward the east. When I saw Him, I lifted my hands and waived them to get his attention and I said:”Lord, Lord”. What happened next was Him in person walking into my room. I got to see what love looks like but also I understood what the fear of God is. He is both wonderful and fearful ( His presence imparts to you a reverence for Him even though He is not scary looking.  It was at night but there was not even a speck of darkness that you could see. The entire room lit up. I cried ” Lord, Lord” and was trying to find where to hide. He looked at me and I suppose he could see that I was afraid to talk to him and he motioned with his hand something like He will see me later. He was wearing a long white robe and after He did what I just mentioned, He turned and went up through the roof. As He was going up my eyes caught a writing in cursive letters that was printed on the bottom of His robe. This is what it said: ” I love you very much”. This message was not just for me but also for you my dear reader. When the love of Jesus becomes personal to you then all things will be possible because faith that makes all things possible works by love( Galatians 5:6)

Ministry Updates

The Father’s love

Many people have difficulty receiving the love of God because they never had the love of their earthly father. I (Nadia) for one, I am thankful to have been brought up by a loving father.


To all of you fathers out there who are daily loving on your children, keep it up. Your unique way of loving those babies, as insignificant as it may look, has an eternal impact on them.
So, we bless you and honour you as you live out your privileged position of imitating the Father’s love to those He has entrusted you with.

I sense, a temptation to give up; to not bother any more. Like, “I am just too tired.” Be encouraged today, you are not laboring in vain. Keep pointing those precious ones to the Father by your loving them, and ” great is your reward in heaven.”

Receive the strength, courage and grace today to run your race and finish your course with joy in Jesus’s name.

Ministry Updates

2016 year in review!




​January 2016
Started the year with our usual month of prayer and fasting.January 1st our daughter Elizah was water baptized.In the midst of the month, I was led to do 7 nights of prayer before God.After this the Lord provided us with a new rental place which was much needed. He spoke to a friend to send us a $1000 which covered the down payment and moving expenses. This was a fulfillment of a vision I had had a year before of this same person saying in the vision that she was going to give us a $ 1000.

February 2016

Moved in our new rental which was spacious and met all our needs.Held our first ministry conference ( Go ye… Discipleship conference) which started with all night worship, prayer and ministration on Friday night and had Saturday and Sunday sessions as well.By this time Nadia was about 5 month pregnant and battling low iron levels.

March 2016

In February,  the Lord had told us that we needed to have 21 days of consecutive daily prayers. So we started them on March 1st. After this we felt impressed to do another  one month of 2 hour daily prayers which we started on April 1st. So much took place in us spiritually that would take a few articles to go in details.

April 2016

Nadia received a letter that finally after 18 long years she was becoming a Canadian Citizen.Started a weekly Bible study for the church we had been attending. Around this time, the Lord started to prepare Nadia about our new mission trip in which this time we were to give away all that we ever owned to follow Him except few things to take in a travel trailer.

May 2016

May 22 2016,  Cyrus our 6th child was born naturally and healthy weighing 10lbs, despite Nadia’s low iron levels.

June 2016

June 16 2016, Nadia took the oath of Canadian Citizenship.Nadia recovered well with not much blood loss which had been a threat with low iron.

July 2016

We took a 5 day mini vacation to Oliver, BC where our friends hosted us at their home. Children swam daily in the pool, played bocci and baseball. We had a great time .One day while praying whether we were actually going on a new mission, the Lord ordered me (Pitana) to fast and pray  for 3 consecutive days and after that He would answer me and He did and gave me complete assurance that He would take care of us.

August 2016

We gave notice to our landlord and started to give away our belongings and pack what we were to take in the trailer. We prepared and had an Africa night fundraising event in Canada. We also had water baptism service in WA state. On August 30th, the travel trailer was provided.

September 2016

We had another Africa Night Fundraising event in WA. End of September, we started the road trip across the USA. Ministry work in Renton, WA

October 2016

Ministry work in Burns, Oregon with West bank Christian Fellowship. Ministry work again in Oregon house California where we gathered few families and had services for 2 Sundays and when we left, they had plans to continue the church that was started.

November 2016

Ministry at a gas station in Sacramento,CA.Ministry work from house to house in Oakhurst and North fork CA and also ministered at the North Fork Christian Center and led to the Lord an award winning pianist and composer.

December 2016

This month we witnessed a great miracle in our home, our son Jairus suffered a sudden seizure for no real reason and in about 5 minutes, we saw as if he was departing, to him coming back as we prayed but still the left side of his body was not responding and we kept praying and finally he was completely restored to being well. By the time the ambulance came, he was well but thought it good to have him checked and monitored. The hospital kept him for few hours and never did a scan of any part of his body, that’s how great of a miracle the Lord had given us. They were just monitoring the fever and soon sent us back home. Cyrus also was healed of a neck condition he had for several months.

Samuel(8) finished reading through the entire Bible for the first time and Jeremiah (11) finished reading through the Bible for the second time. Excited about their rewards. Ministry at Costco in La quinta, CA and more ministry with some friends in Indio, CA.

Ministry Updates

God provided a travel trailer!

With all the traveling we do, we had been praying for an RV for 2 yrs. We saw how it would be easier to ‘go wherever the Lord would lead us’ with a home that went with us. So, we prayed and prayed. We fasted and sowed seed believing that God would provide. A week before we would start our journey, there was still no RV. We had said goodbye to our Church and friends, but yet no RV to travel in. Infact, we had let our landlord know that we would move at the end of the month and they had gotten a new tenant. With a week left, we had no one else to turn to but God. He had called us on our next mission trip. He had asked us to give away all of our belongings except what we could take with us in the RV. Now, we were left with no rental place; no furniture;  no RV; little to no funds to buy one BUT, we were full of faith. We didn’t know how God would provide but we knew He would.
On August 29, with 2 days left before we had to vacate our last place, we heard an instruction from the Lord to let friends know that we were looking to buy an RV if they knew of one. We had spent countless hours searching for RV for sale online but they were all beyond what we could afford. Twice, we had even gathered our children and walked into an RV dealership to look at the ones they were selling. We didn’t have the money, but who is to say that God can’t provide the funds on the way there or while we were there. We knew we had to do our part. We had to believe and faith has works (James 2:18).

We traveled to Washington state because we had a baptism service and an African night event.On August 30th,  a friend let us know that she had friends who were selling their travel trailer, but it was on the east coast (Niagara falls area). We asked for pictures and soon realized that it was bigger than all the other ones we were seeing in the Vancouver area for that price or more. So, we decided to take it. The owner was selling it for $7500 but he decided to sell it to us for $5000. He is a Christian man. A friend contributed $2000 US toward the trailer and other friends had given about another $1500 CDN .So with about that much money, Pitana embarked on the journey to Eastern Canada to get the trailer. He paid the man $3000 and made arrangements to pay the rest later. On the drive there, knowing that we didn’t have the full $5000, we had felt to pray that the balance would be waived. After doing all the paperwork, Pitana drove back to BC to get us and our belongings and finally begin the next mission. The next morning after Pitana got back, we received a text from the gentleman who had sold us the travel trailer. He wanted to let us know that he had cancelled the remaining amount and that we OWED HIM NOTHING!! Wow! Praise the Lord. We screamed, shouted, jumped and were amazed and overcome by God’s goodness to us. He had finally come through once again. Great is His faithfulness. Hallelujah! Glory be to God! 

Ministry Updates


Before, I could start preparing dinner, the children started asking that we BBQ burgers which we didn’t have. We have been meaning to BBQ for a couple months now, but we had not been able to. So, it was decided that we go buy burger patties at Costco. By the time everyone got ready, I knew it would be dark by the time we would get back from shopping. Which meant we would end up buying hot dogs and chicken bake sandwiches at Costco; an extra expense I was not sure we should be paying for. Nevertheless, we agreed to go. On the way there, we felt to pray. We prayed in the Holy Spirit and sang worship songs. As soon as we entered, Pitana excused himself and the children and I headed to the food court. Before long, he came back with a certain gentleman. Within a few minutes, the man was asking us to pray with him. He then pulled out his wallet saying that he wanted to sow into our ministry – $100!! We held hands and prayed with him concerning his situation.

We had dinner and did a little bit of grocery shopping, ALL under the funds we had just been blessed with. Plus, he took Pitana outside and went and filled up our gas tank!  Glory be to God. He is our Provider and He is good!