About us


We are Pitana and Hope (Nadia) Mutana. We have been married for 16 years. We have 7 lovely children. We both were born and raised in Rwanda, East Africa but we met in Canada where I (Nadia) lived while Pitana was going to school in USA. We love Jesus and He is our savior. We enjoy sharing about His love and His working in our lives. Since 2011, we have been on the mission fields preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. First in Kenya, Africa and now in the USA and Canada. We rely on the Holy Spirit to be able to live out this Christian life Christ died to give us.

Since being on the mission field, we regularly send out e-mails of testimonies of what God is doing in us and through us. We have received great responses from fellow brothers and sisters who are constantly encouraged and have their faith strengthened through the testimonies. So, by God’s leading, we have set up this website. Our desire and hope being to encourage our brothers and sisters and remind the church and them that are yet to be born again that God is still at work!

Let all glory be given to God the father, the only wise King, through Jesus Christ.

Pitana & Nadia

5 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Nadia & Pitana
    May God Blessings and mercies continue to strengthen you and the family each as you deliver the voice of the Lord as his faithful servant.
    Am really touched by all your testimonies across the nations and cities you visit.

    Jesus is still with all of us we just need draw closer to Him, Exalt His Name, Read the word, Pray , and minister in one form of the other based on God’s calling .
    To God be the Glory

    Ernest Daddey

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