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KW Youth Conference report

Thank you to all of you who prayed and supported our first ever Youth Conference. It would not have been possible without the generous support of our partners. Thank you!!

Jeremiah preaching the Word

Since this youth conference was Jeremiah’s idea, we want you to hear from him. Here is his own words of how the conference went:

This is the logo Jeremiah designed for the T-shirts. You can still buy one!

“The Kingdom Warriors Youth Conference, I believe, was a success. We had a modest sized group of people who gathered to hear the Word, worship, fellowship and encounter God. I believe they did!!

It was exciting for me to have my parents and my good friend Zadok Johnson share the word.

We also had worship time with my younger brother Samuel.

My siblings and I did two dances while my little brother Jairurs (5) drummed.

We also had a youth group from a local church put on a very powerful testimony of how Jesus set one of them free from pornography. It was impact-full and well done!

For me, I think the two main highlights was when my friend Zadok got on his knees and spontaneously began to sing and pray. Before long everyone in the room was on their face on the floor praying and worshiping. Such sweet presence of God!!!

The second highlight was when all the young people including me got prayed over by the older saint!

I am sooooo grateful for what God did. It was truly a good start!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


P.S. There was a sweet and very special moment of Pitana introducing Jeremiah and handing the mic over to the next generation! God is so good!