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Deaf ears opened!

We moved to Tennessee by the boarder of Alabama for a time of rest after being on the road travelling for nine months . Our first months down south, we attended a church in Tennessee where we ministered every now and then while enjoying a much needed Sabbatical. By that summer, we knew our work there was accomplished and we sought the Lord for what is next. We were then directed to a church in Green Hill, Alabama. This became our place of worship and where we felt called to stay and encourage the brethren.

One beautiful Sunday morning, we joined our brothers and sisters in worship at the Bridge Ministry Center. After incredible time of worship, you know, the ones where the presence of God feels tangible Y(know and know God is in the room), people began to head back to their seats. I had remained in my seat, adoring and worshiping my Father right next to my children. When I opened my eyes, I saw the back of the gentleman’s head who was seating directly in the row in front of me. I saw hearing aids in both of his ears. Immediately, I knew I wanted to pray for him. So with my children looking on, I leaned over and tapped the man on his shoulder.

“Can I pray for your ears?” I asked. He was happy to have me pray, so I laid my hands on his ears and prayed that they open and hear in Jesus’ name. Short and quick and then we sat down to hear the announcements that were being made. We heard a good Word and finished visiting with our ‘family’ there at the church and drove the nearly one hour drive to our home in Tennessee. I never thought about that event again. Life continued, we traveled for ministry for sometime.

When we got back from our travels, we were invited to dinner at Charlie’s home (the man whose ears I had prayed for). We all enjoyed a wonderful evening of visiting, eating and good fellowship. It was then time to go home. We got all the children ready and Pitana took most of them to the van while Jeremiah, our oldest, and I stayed inside gathering items left behind. As I was giving Charlie a hug goodbye, he interrupted me, “by the way,” he began, “when you prayed for my hearing that Sunday, I went home and I knew something had changed. I took the hearing aids out and I could hear. I have not had to use them ever since!

Charles Curtis’ both ears now can hear!

Talk about a ‘by the way’ I was amazed and began to praise the Lord. He went on to tell me that he had lost his hearing in the Vietnam war, but praise God, He now could hear down to a whisper! All glory be to God. Halleluah!!