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Augusta, Georgia

We were recently in Augusta, Georgia. We had an amazing time with God in Worship and receiving the Word of God at the conference we attended. What great revelations!!As we were being overwhelmed with the amazing miracles and revelations God was releasing to us, we felt the need to stay longer than we had planned. This meant spending more money. Longer hotel stays and increased meal gas expenses. Well, we were just about out of money. So we began to pray.

To shorten the story, we received a phone call from a family we have not met yet. They and their friends, offered to pay for the extra hotel stays! Wow!! They called the hotel and took care of it. Praise be to God! Hallelujah!! To this day, we have not yet met these wonderful people.

One need was met. We thanked God. We then waited to see how He would provide for the extra food. We got another phone call. A lady we had just met in one of the meetings. She was coming to the hotel to see us. She showed up with lots of food and drinks! We still have some of those drinks!! What an amazing God we serve! She had prepared the food for a birthday party but they ended up not needing that food. She said that when she saw us, she just knew that we are the ones she had cooked for. So, she wonderfully unloaded her beautiful feast in our hotel room.


So, we were left with gas money. That evening, we got a call inviting us to an African Christian Fellowship meeting the next day. We went and found them discussing the how to do missions… We knew why God had planned for us to stay. We spent that evening ministering and encouraging our brothers and sisters as the Holy Spirit led us. It was an ‘awe’ moment seeing how God had planned for this meeting and the after meeting. What divine connection! Before heading to the hotel, a gentleman came and thanked us and handed us cash. Then the leader stopped us on our way out and handed us a check! God had provided for what He had asked us to do.

Often, people want to wait to see everything in place before obeying, but that is not faith. God just requires us to OBEY! It doesn’t need to make sense to us. In fact, most of our Christian walk doesn’t make sense.

God is asking us to simply OBEY.


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  1. King David said I have never seen a child of God beg for bread. Keep obeying and dont worry about what to eat, drink, sleep or wear for the father knows your needs. Proud of you and may our heavenly father continue to use you all and meet all your need stay bless pinata and family much love and respect. Simon

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