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The God that provides, part 1

We serve a living God. A wonderful Father that provides well for His household. I want to share some testimonies of His wonderful ways of providing for our family.

The summer of 2015, we were in Niagara Falls Ontario. We wanted to go up the Skylon tower until we realized how much it was going to cost our family of 8. So we settled with just visiting the falls.

This past summer while ministering in Niagara Falls ON, God granted us our desire. A lady whom we ministered to told us that the Lord had asked her to give us a TOUR OF NIAGARA FALLS! It turns out that she is a tour guide in Niagara Falls. So we made arrangements and she came to pick us up in the tour bus of the company she works for! Just us, our family! Wow! She gave us the complete tour including free rides up the Skylon Tower; photo shoots at the Towers’ booth and the history and information we didn’t know about the Falls. A 5hr guided tour, all for free!

It was definitely way more than we had imagined.

God is so good.

She even showed up with a meal for us where we were staying one of the nights.

God cares. How wonderful He is! Be encouraged, He knows your needs and cares for even your desires.

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  1. To God be the glory he is he was and always will

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