Leg grows out!

Last summer while in Niagara Falls, my back was really hurting. Not finding any relief, I went with a friend to her chiropractor, a Christian man. God favored me and he decided to be working on me at a very small rate and to waiver the cost of the initial exam ($100 worth)! Praise the Lord! On one of the visits, while waiting to be seen, I took a look at my file on the computer there. It’s then that I saw the comment, “left leg shorter than right one.” I didn’t know. So Pitana and quickly took a look at my legs and sure enough, my left leg was significantly shorter than the right one. Pitana was about to pray for my legs when the chiropractor entered. So I lay down for my adjustment.

The next morning during our family devotions, we called friends who were hosting us to join us. We asked them to join us as we pray for the leg to grow out. We we’re about 3 adults and 11 children. We all prayed and Pitana took my legs in his hands and commanded the left leg to grow out and be the same length as the right leg, in the name of Jesus. And right there, we all watched the left leg grow to the same length as the right one. Wow! Hallelujah! We screamed and shouted and praised God. The children were jumping up and down. What a Wonderful God we serve!

The next day, I was scheduled to see the chiropractor again. When we got there, I showed him my leg and told him how God had performed a miracle. He told me to lay on the table and he examined the legs himself. He remarked that God had indeed performed a miracle.

Hallelujah! To God be the glory.