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Fort Stockton TX, 2017

On our way to San Antonio TX, we spent two nights in a small historic town called Fort Stockton. We arrived on a Saturday and began to prayerfully ask the Lord where he would have us worship in the morning. He led Pitana to a church by the name Grace Point church. It was the Superbowl Sunday. Our sons were really wanting to watch the game, but we don’t have cable in our RV. So, we told them to pray that God would provide a place to watch the game; perhaps someone from the church we would be attending.

We were warmly welcomed and by God’s doing, we happened to be there at a very critical time in that church history. They were transitioning to move into a bigger building and were still casting the vision before fundraising to finish renovations in the bigger building. It was an emotional time for the church as they were looking back at God’s faithfulness in answering their prayers and the miracles He had performed to get them this far, such as, making a way for them to buy the 20,000  square foot building and parking lot for only $200,000 when JUST the parking lot was on sale for $200,000! But that is God! He owns it ALL!!

In our brief introduction meeting with the pastor and his family, arrangements were made for dinner and the watching of the Superbowl game at his home. The boys were overjoyed. God had answered their prayers!

We spent the evening in wonderful fellowship with the pastor, his family and his leadership team and their family. Great food; enjoyed the game but best of all. Talked about our First Love, JESUS.  We were honored to encourage these wonderful brothers and sisters as we shared the Word and testimonies of what we have witnessed God do.
Divinely appointed, we had made new friends.


On our way eout, some walked over and handed us cash and a check, thanking us for joining them that night.

Truthfully we had been tremendously blessed by their hospitality and reception of what we had to share. We had been fed and found like minded brethen to spend time with. Our children had had new friends to play with, watched the game and to top it all, God was financially​ blessing us, encouraging us to keep going. Going to wherever else He would lead us.

Praise be to His Holy name!

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