A visitation from Jesus part 2

The Bible says in Job 10:12 the following: your visitation has PRESERVED my spirit. So as you see from this scripture,  a visitation from the Lord has a purpose and that is the preservation of your spirit. It is something to be desired and asked for. Most of the time we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4:3). Sometimes we don’t ask because we don’t know if we should ask. Rarely will the Lord sovereignly pay us a visit but most of the time He wants us to ask Him to. The purpose of my sharing is to encourage you that this is your inheritance in Christ. He said that a little while from now, the world will not see me but you WILL see me( Not might but will). John 14:19. As many are reading this and running with it, I pray that you will be one of them. In Jesus name I pray and believe.