A visitation from Jesus!

One night I went to bed and had a dream and I saw myself kneeling in a certain house. Then while kneeling I looked up and I saw the Lord Jesus as a watchman upon like what you see when you visit those historic fort sites which have on the wall a place where the watchman stands watching. And the Lord Jesus seemed like He was looking toward the east. When I saw Him, I lifted my hands and waived them to get his attention and I said:”Lord, Lord”. What happened next was Him in person walking into my room. I got to see what love looks like but also I understood what the fear of God is. He is both wonderful and fearful ( His presence imparts to you a reverence for Him even though He is not scary looking.  It was at night but there was not even a speck of darkness that you could see. The entire room lit up. I cried ” Lord, Lord” and was trying to find where to hide. He looked at me and I suppose he could see that I was afraid to talk to him and he motioned with his hand something like He will see me later. He was wearing a long white robe and after He did what I just mentioned, He turned and went up through the roof. As He was going up my eyes caught a writing in cursive letters that was printed on the bottom of His robe. This is what it said: ” I love you very much”. This message was not just for me but also for you my dear reader. When the love of Jesus becomes personal to you then all things will be possible because faith that makes all things possible works by love( Galatians 5:6)