A visitation from Jesus part 2

The Bible says in Job 10:12 the following: your visitation has PRESERVED my spirit. So as you see from this scripture,  a visitation from the Lord has a purpose and that is the preservation of your spirit. It is something to be desired and asked for. Most of the time we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4:3). Sometimes we don’t ask because we don’t know if we should ask. Rarely will the Lord sovereignly pay us a visit but most of the time He wants us to ask Him to. The purpose of my sharing is to encourage you that this is your inheritance in Christ. He said that a little while from now, the world will not see me but you WILL see me( Not might but will). John 14:19. As many are reading this and running with it, I pray that you will be one of them. In Jesus name I pray and believe.

Ministry Updates

California/ Arizona 2017

We spent December and January resting and seeking the presence of God. What an amazing time of refreshing both physically and spirituality! We are in great expectation to see the goodness of God and His glory manifested this new year. We know there is more to God, so we are pursuing Him more.
Our children enjoyed many outdoor sports, swimming, music lessons, art lessons and serving the retired community we camped with. They served them waffles a couple times a week. What an amazing ministry they had with these precious folks who were many miles away from their families as they journey south for the winter. Loneliness can be a terrible companion in their later ages. But praise God, you just never know what serving a simple meal can do.

The first week of February, we traveled to Tuscon, AZ to a family we had never met. Their daughter had read my article in the Above Rubies magazine. She then wrote me to tell me how God had used that article to really minister to her. This was 2 years ago. We met then in Phoenix, AZ at a family conference. We shared our testimonies and ministered to our brothers and sister in prayer.

A few days later we joined this family in Tuscon, AZ to share the love of God with their friends who are not saved. We spent that night in worship, sharing our testimonies and the gospel of Jesus Christ and answering question till close to midnight. that group was definitely hungry for God and it was our privilege to share with them that which we have been entrusted by the Giver of all good things. To God be the glory! Hallelujah!



A visitation from Jesus!

One night I went to bed and had a dream and I saw myself kneeling in a certain house. Then while kneeling I looked up and I saw the Lord Jesus as a watchman upon like what you see when you visit those historic fort sites which have on the wall a place where the watchman stands watching. And the Lord Jesus seemed like He was looking toward the east. When I saw Him, I lifted my hands and waived them to get his attention and I said:”Lord, Lord”. What happened next was Him in person walking into my room. I got to see what love looks like but also I understood what the fear of God is. He is both wonderful and fearful ( His presence imparts to you a reverence for Him even though He is not scary looking. ┬áIt was at night but there was not even a speck of darkness that you could see. The entire room lit up. I cried ” Lord, Lord” and was trying to find where to hide. He looked at me and I suppose he could see that I was afraid to talk to him and he motioned with his hand something like He will see me later. He was wearing a long white robe and after He did what I just mentioned, He turned and went up through the roof. As He was going up my eyes caught a writing in cursive letters that was printed on the bottom of His robe. This is what it said: ” I love you very much”. This message was not just for me but also for you my dear reader. When the love of Jesus becomes personal to you then all things will be possible because faith that makes all things possible works by love( Galatians 5:6)