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I have been impressed very much lately to share about visions, visitations of the Lord and supernatural encounters and experiences that the Lord has allowed me and my family to experience which I had written ¬†little about before but now I feel the liberty and permission to. The Bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 the following:” And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it”. So I purpose by God’s grace to write of such things starting with a visitation I had from the Lord Jesus and a message he gave me which is of the utmost importance. Feel free to ¬†click follow here on the site so you can be notified of every article published as I will be writing often. The purpose for writing these is so that ” he may run that reads it”. Be blessed.


Ministry Updates

The Father’s love

Many people have difficulty receiving the love of God because they never had the love of their earthly father. I (Nadia) for one, I am thankful to have been brought up by a loving father.


To all of you fathers out there who are daily loving on your children, keep it up. Your unique way of loving those babies, as insignificant as it may look, has an eternal impact on them.
So, we bless you and honour you as you live out your privileged position of imitating the Father’s love to those He has entrusted you with.

I sense, a temptation to give up; to not bother any more. Like, “I am just too tired.” Be encouraged today, you are not laboring in vain. Keep pointing those precious ones to the Father by your loving them, and ” great is your reward in heaven.”

Receive the strength, courage and grace today to run your race and finish your course with joy in Jesus’s name.