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2016 year in review!




​January 2016
Started the year with our usual month of prayer and fasting.January 1st our daughter Elizah was water baptized.In the midst of the month, I was led to do 7 nights of prayer before God.After this the Lord provided us with a new rental place which was much needed. He spoke to a friend to send us a $1000 which covered the down payment and moving expenses. This was a fulfillment of a vision I had had a year before of this same person saying in the vision that she was going to give us a $ 1000.

February 2016

Moved in our new rental which was spacious and met all our needs.Held our first ministry conference ( Go ye… Discipleship conference) which started with all night worship, prayer and ministration on Friday night and had Saturday and Sunday sessions as well.By this time Nadia was about 5 month pregnant and battling low iron levels.

March 2016

In February,  the Lord had told us that we needed to have 21 days of consecutive daily prayers. So we started them on March 1st. After this we felt impressed to do another  one month of 2 hour daily prayers which we started on April 1st. So much took place in us spiritually that would take a few articles to go in details.

April 2016

Nadia received a letter that finally after 18 long years she was becoming a Canadian Citizen.Started a weekly Bible study for the church we had been attending. Around this time, the Lord started to prepare Nadia about our new mission trip in which this time we were to give away all that we ever owned to follow Him except few things to take in a travel trailer.

May 2016

May 22 2016,  Cyrus our 6th child was born naturally and healthy weighing 10lbs, despite Nadia’s low iron levels.

June 2016

June 16 2016, Nadia took the oath of Canadian Citizenship.Nadia recovered well with not much blood loss which had been a threat with low iron.

July 2016

We took a 5 day mini vacation to Oliver, BC where our friends hosted us at their home. Children swam daily in the pool, played bocci and baseball. We had a great time .One day while praying whether we were actually going on a new mission, the Lord ordered me (Pitana) to fast and pray  for 3 consecutive days and after that He would answer me and He did and gave me complete assurance that He would take care of us.

August 2016

We gave notice to our landlord and started to give away our belongings and pack what we were to take in the trailer. We prepared and had an Africa night fundraising event in Canada. We also had water baptism service in WA state. On August 30th, the travel trailer was provided.

September 2016

We had another Africa Night Fundraising event in WA. End of September, we started the road trip across the USA. Ministry work in Renton, WA

October 2016

Ministry work in Burns, Oregon with West bank Christian Fellowship. Ministry work again in Oregon house California where we gathered few families and had services for 2 Sundays and when we left, they had plans to continue the church that was started.

November 2016

Ministry at a gas station in Sacramento,CA.Ministry work from house to house in Oakhurst and North fork CA and also ministered at the North Fork Christian Center and led to the Lord an award winning pianist and composer.

December 2016

This month we witnessed a great miracle in our home, our son Jairus suffered a sudden seizure for no real reason and in about 5 minutes, we saw as if he was departing, to him coming back as we prayed but still the left side of his body was not responding and we kept praying and finally he was completely restored to being well. By the time the ambulance came, he was well but thought it good to have him checked and monitored. The hospital kept him for few hours and never did a scan of any part of his body, that’s how great of a miracle the Lord had given us. They were just monitoring the fever and soon sent us back home. Cyrus also was healed of a neck condition he had for several months.

Samuel(8) finished reading through the entire Bible for the first time and Jeremiah (11) finished reading through the Bible for the second time. Excited about their rewards. Ministry at Costco in La quinta, CA and more ministry with some friends in Indio, CA.

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  1. Blessed be the name of the lord most high. Our God is an awesome God. Keep going don’t look back. GOD is proud of you and you family and will meet all your needs. Stay bless.

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