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God provided a travel trailer!

With all the traveling we do, we had been praying for an RV for 2 yrs. We saw how it would be easier to ‘go wherever the Lord would lead us’ with a home that went with us. So, we prayed and prayed. We fasted and sowed seed believing that God would provide. A week before we would start our journey, there was still no RV. We had said goodbye to our Church and friends, but yet no RV to travel in. Infact, we had let our landlord know that we would move at the end of the month and they had gotten a new tenant. With a week left, we had no one else to turn to but God. He had called us on our next mission trip. He had asked us to give away all of our belongings except what we could take with us in the RV. Now, we were left with no rental place; no furniture;  no RV; little to no funds to buy one BUT, we were full of faith. We didn’t know how God would provide but we knew He would.
On August 29, with 2 days left before we had to vacate our last place, we heard an instruction from the Lord to let friends know that we were looking to buy an RV if they knew of one. We had spent countless hours searching for RV for sale online but they were all beyond what we could afford. Twice, we had even gathered our children and walked into an RV dealership to look at the ones they were selling. We didn’t have the money, but who is to say that God can’t provide the funds on the way there or while we were there. We knew we had to do our part. We had to believe and faith has works (James 2:18).

We traveled to Washington state because we had a baptism service and an African night event.On August 30th,  a friend let us know that she had friends who were selling their travel trailer, but it was on the east coast (Niagara falls area). We asked for pictures and soon realized that it was bigger than all the other ones we were seeing in the Vancouver area for that price or more. So, we decided to take it. The owner was selling it for $7500 but he decided to sell it to us for $5000. He is a Christian man. A friend contributed $2000 US toward the trailer and other friends had given about another $1500 CDN .So with about that much money, Pitana embarked on the journey to Eastern Canada to get the trailer. He paid the man $3000 and made arrangements to pay the rest later. On the drive there, knowing that we didn’t have the full $5000, we had felt to pray that the balance would be waived. After doing all the paperwork, Pitana drove back to BC to get us and our belongings and finally begin the next mission. The next morning after Pitana got back, we received a text from the gentleman who had sold us the travel trailer. He wanted to let us know that he had cancelled the remaining amount and that we OWED HIM NOTHING!! Wow! Praise the Lord. We screamed, shouted, jumped and were amazed and overcome by God’s goodness to us. He had finally come through once again. Great is His faithfulness. Hallelujah! Glory be to God! 

2 thoughts on “God provided a travel trailer!”

  1. Another example of God’s amazing care for each one of us….Great story, Pitana…I too know God’s loving care minute by minute…Hope this story helps others to BELIEVE! God bless you, your family and your ministry.
    Br. Rene

  2. What a mighty God we serve! That is how our God amazes His children on a regular basis. All the glory belongs to Him alone! So encouraging indeed!

    Blessings to your Family

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