Ministry Updates


Before, I could start preparing dinner, the children started asking that we BBQ burgers which we didn’t have. We have been meaning to BBQ for a couple months now, but we had not been able to. So, it was decided that we go buy burger patties at Costco. By the time everyone got ready, I knew it would be dark by the time we would get back from shopping. Which meant we would end up buying hot dogs and chicken bake sandwiches at Costco; an extra expense I was not sure we should be paying for. Nevertheless, we agreed to go. On the way there, we felt to pray. We prayed in the Holy Spirit and sang worship songs. As soon as we entered, Pitana excused himself and the children and I headed to the food court. Before long, he came back with a certain gentleman. Within a few minutes, the man was asking us to pray with him. He then pulled out his wallet saying that he wanted to sow into our ministry – $100!! We held hands and prayed with him concerning his situation.

We had dinner and did a little bit of grocery shopping, ALL under the funds we had just been blessed with. Plus, he took Pitana outside and went and filled up our gas tank!  Glory be to God. He is our Provider and He is good!