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Burns, Oregon 2016

Now that we are on a slower pace, I can write about some other workings of God on this trip that I was too busy to write about.

After we left Washington, we spend a few days in Baker City, Oregon. We then drove to Nampa, Idaho. After we put the children to bed that night, the Lord spoke to us. He said, “I want you to turn back and head back to Oregon!” What? We had just driven from there. Now drive back? The Lord insisted and of course we obeyed. The next morning, we all loaded up and drove back to Oregon, not knowing why we had to go back. When it was time for us to stop driving, we had just pulled in a small town called Burns.We found a campground and set out for the night. It was Saturday night so we inquired at the office about churches nearby. There was a list of churches on a board and one particular one stood out and we felt we were to go to that one. The next morning, we walked into the church building which had a cross on top of it’s steeple. The cross was leaning over about to fall. One of our children was scared it would fall on us as we walked in. We entered and joined the small congregation in worship. There were 3 visiting speakers that day. They are coordinators for Pray Oregon ministry. For the last few years, they had been going around praying over Oregon; city halls etc. As they shared testimonies and their ministry, we couldn’t help but think of how our ministry is bit similar to theirs. They talked about Dutch Sheets and his message “appeal to heaven.” He is a man who God has called as intercessor for America. Surprisingly, Pitana had been listening to Dutch Sheets’message in the car. The same message!! God had really ministered to Pitana in the car! The speakers, in their presentation, they pulled out a flag: the original American flag that says “Appeal to Heaven.” Before the current American flag, this is the one that the founding fathers flew.


At the end of the service, the Lord spoke to us and said, “I want you to pray over these speakers.” So we introduced ourselves and began to pray over them as the Holy Spirit led. The congregation joined in. We held hands and prayed and prophecies over them. There were tears, joy etc. Our children were right in the middle of it prophecying and praying. Then to our amazement, they handed us the “Appeal to Heaven” flag saying that they felt that we should have it. Wow!
There was a gentleman there who in tears said that he had not been to church in 3 months. But that morning although his wife was out of town, he knew he had to come to church. He has a heart for missions in Africa but he had been discouraged. When he saw us, he just wept and wept. God was encouraging him. He had prayed that God would send African missionaries to America!
There was lunch after. As we sat down we shared some of God’s wonders we have witnessed in our lives. We then started to pray for people, one after the other as the Holy spirit led us. With word of knowledge, we were able to minister to the church leaders who were just weary and wounded. We encouraged them as God led us. The difference on their faces were remarkable! We were told over and over, ” you have no idea how much we needed this!” We would remind them that God loves them so much that He indeed caused us to turn back and drive back into Oregon, just for them. God is so good. Sometimes in our struggles, it may seem that we are forgotten but our God never leaves us nor forsakes us. If you reading this and feeling forgotten, take heart, God loves you too and He has not forgotten you.


One by one, some with tears, those, Precious souls, began to come to us and hand us money. We never mentioned expenses to anyone. But God is good. He knows how to meet our needs. Hours later, when were were leaving the church building, the pastor’s wife handed us the money that they had collected in the service. She also gave us a check. She said that they had given a love  gift to their speakers for coming. But the speakers had refused the check asking that it be given to us instead. Wow!

This experience so humbled us. We were filled with great joy but also the fear of God. So overjoyed to see God refresh and encourage His people. From the church whose cross on top of the building was nearly falling, the enemy had been trying to crush our precious sisters and brothers. But God… Hallelujah! ” Rejoice not against me o my enemy. When I fall, I shall arise.” Micah 7:8.

The fear of God part was: the thinking of; what if we had not obeyed? It seemed humanly reasonable to disobey. But God’s ways are higher than our ways. More than ever, we want to hear the Lord’s voice and obey immediately so help us God.

The bonus? The money we were gifted with covered our expenses for the next 2 weeks!!

wp-image-1974096614jpg.jpgSo, if you are hearing God today, just obey, you never know… He always has good in mind.

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  1. The Lord be with you and keep you Mutana family,You are an incredible living testimony.

  2. To God be the glory pitana. It is not finish till God say it is finish, so yes indeed he is our comforter, provider, restoration and salvation. I’m encourage and please keep it up, stay bless.

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