Ministry Updates

North Fork, California 2016 con’t.

God continues to work in us and through us here. We have been blessed by wonderful fellowship with dear friends. Our children are enjoying seeing their friends again. Last week, Jeremiah joined his friends in a bible quiz in a nearby church. He said to me, ‘I prayed that God would help me do well.’ And He did, praise God! Samuel has been asked to join the worship team here the last few times. He plays their Jembe drum. Our older 4 children, joined their friends in leading worship at a women’s conference yesterday.

Last Sunday, Pitana preached at the church here exhorting the brethren to give themselves to prayer and to pray without ceasing. On Friday, he ministered the Word in a small group. He shared some of the testimonies we have in the Lord, encouraging everyone to press in more in the Lord. There is just much more to the Lord. Let’s believe for greater… The previous small group, Pitana had shared on faith and patience challenging us all to look back to some situations we have given up believing God for. Pray and believe, remembering that ‘with God, nothing is impossible.’ This week we received testimonies of some of those difficult situations that was prayed for. Hallelujah. God is faithful.

 Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

This week, we are praying and waiting for the presidential election results. Please take time to pray for America.

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