Ministry Updates

North Fork, California, 2016

God has  been overwhelming us with His goodness and His desire to set people free. When God says, ‘who shall I send. It’s our family’s practice to reply, “here we are Lord, send us.” But we never know how that ‘yes’ will affect many lives for eternity. So humbling that the God of the universe would choose to work through us.

This past week, we experienced God’s love for a young person as He exposed the struggles and thinking patterns that can lead to suicide. He also sent us to a Sunday afternoon fellowship where we shared testimonies on being led by the Holy Spirit and saw many set free and encouraged. They expressed their gratitude to us  for driving all this way to come and serve them.

We ministered in a Bible Study where Pitana shared the Word and imparted faith in all of us. We continue to have daily times of encouragement with brothers and sisters. Friday night, we had an all night prayer meeting introducing others to this precious practice we cherish so much. What awesome, indescribable things take place when we are in the presence of God!
So today, if the Lord is speaking to you, just obey, you never know how your obedience affects others.
God bless you.