He healed me!

A few months ago, I was having a really bad back pain. It got so bad one night, I could not sleep. I had to be up standing, then I would get tired, trying lying down only to find the pain unbearable. It was a miserable situation! We had traveled to Skagit Valley, WA and were staying with a friend whose husband used to be a chiropractor. Being in pain, I asked her if she knew anyone that could help me for free. She said she would look into it. But by the end of our quick trip, I had not been able to get that help. Years prior, I had this pain and ended up having to see a chiropractor for a while. When we returned home, I was standing in the door way telling Pitana that my back hurt so much, I just needed to see a chiropractor soon. Our 3yr old daughter walked in between us and quickly commented, “then, just ask Papa to pray for you and you will be healed,” and off she went.  My hopes were fixed in the wrong place. Since, I had had this problem before and had ended up seeing a chiropractor, my faith was not in turning to the Ultimate Chiropractor. But with my little girl’s comment, I was pierced, convicted and I saw where I had gone wrong. I had not turned to God first. It is sad to admit. Thankfully Pitana, did not preach to me either but I knew he had been praying for me to turn to our Healer. I later, repented and then asked God to heal me. He is so faithful, He healed me. I got up one morning and I was completely well! He had done it for free too! Hallelujah!

Maybe you are like me and need a reminder to turn to our loving Father first. Perhaps you have exhausted all other means, why not sincerely turn to Him today?

He is still the I AM that you and I need.



2 thoughts on “He healed me!”

  1. Amen! Receiving (& hearing about) a healing is so encouraging and faith building! A friend of mine had her house burn down one day and her car totaled by a guy running a red light on the following day that she & her son miraculously walked away from without a scratch. Her body & mind were a wreck so I prayed for her doing what I call a supernatural chiropractic adjustment (Charles & Frances Hunter’s method of healing prayer/deliverance found on youtube) as well as commanding the spirit of trauma to go. Not only did it eliminate the effects of the car crash and restore her peace, but it also solved a long-standing problem of painful PMS! Getting to feel God’s powerful hand in her body gave her such excitement over how God was going to use this catastrophe to prosper them (Jer 29:11)! God’s fingerprints are all over her story when you look at the opportunities instead of the oppression of the situation. This will truly be a set-up, not a set-back for them.

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