Milk,meat and strong meat!


Hello friends,

The word of God gives us three types of food  to feast upon for our growth as children of God. There is first the milk of the word for new born again believers, then we have meat for maturing believers and finally strong meat for mature believers(those who are of age as the bible puts it). Understanding this simple truth will save you lots of headache. Many people have called certain teachings erroneous not necessarily because they were but because they were either supposed to be drinking milk and they took it upon themselves to eat meat or strong meat and it choked them. So when they choked, the reaction was that the teaching was wrong. Friends, do you  see why we ought to depend so much on the Holy Spirit our chief teacher? Jesus himself told his disciples that he couldn’t  tell them everything he wanted to tell them because they couldn’t handle them but he said that when the Holy Spirit would come, he would lead us into all truth. Paul also said that they spoke the wisdom of God to those who were perfect, mature and none else. You see a carrot is very nutritious and even more nutritious when fresh out of the ground. Yet, we all know that if you give it to a baby who is still breastfeeding, he will choke on it and cause some serious injuries. Now, was the carrot bad? No, it was simply served in the wrong season of life. This is why the bible says that the scripture is of no private interpretation. The epistle to the Hebrews is  considered  one of the deepest  books of the bible, yet in it , the writer lamented the fact that he couldn’t feed his audience meat (let alone strong meat) because they were dull of hearing. As I finish, the bible says that strong meat belong to those of age who have exercised their senses to discern between good and evil. The Lord’s great desire is discipleship where all his children can move from a baby stage drinking milk, to a maturing stage eating meat and arrive to a perfect,mature stage eating strong meat. Father we pray for the grace to depend on your Spirit  to teach all things and guide into all truth, in Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen.