He healed me!

A few months ago, I was having a really bad back pain. It got so bad one night, I could not sleep. I had to be up standing, then I would get tired, trying lying down only to find the pain unbearable. It was a miserable situation! We had traveled to Skagit Valley, WA and were staying with a friend whose husband used to be a chiropractor. Being in pain, I asked her if she knew anyone that could help me for free. She said she would look into it. But by the end of our quick trip, I had not been able to get that help. Years prior, I had this pain and ended up having to see a chiropractor for a while. When we returned home, I was standing in the door way telling Pitana that my back hurt so much, I just needed to see a chiropractor soon. Our 3yr old daughter walked in between us and quickly commented, “then, just ask Papa to pray for you and you will be healed,” and off she went.  My hopes were fixed in the wrong place. Since, I had had this problem before and had ended up seeing a chiropractor, my faith was not in turning to the Ultimate Chiropractor. But with my little girl’s comment, I was pierced, convicted and I saw where I had gone wrong. I had not turned to God first. It is sad to admit. Thankfully Pitana, did not preach to me either but I knew he had been praying for me to turn to our Healer. I later, repented and then asked God to heal me. He is so faithful, He healed me. I got up one morning and I was completely well! He had done it for free too! Hallelujah!

Maybe you are like me and need a reminder to turn to our loving Father first. Perhaps you have exhausted all other means, why not sincerely turn to Him today?

He is still the I AM that you and I need.




God always shows up even in the last minute!

We are now settling in our new home since beginning of February. After we arrived from our extended road trip across US and Eastern Canada, we had great difficulty finding a rental place. The Lord ended up providing us a suite 2 days prior to being on the streets. We were so thankful but it was a temporal place. There, we regrouped, rested and God refreshed us! I can not tell you how physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted we were when we entered that rental suite. But God is so faithful, He has revived us, healed us, refilled us and totally recharged us! To Him be the glory! What precious memories we have with Him in that place of refugee and rest!

After a few months, we started to pray for God to provide us another place that best suits our family and to do so before the birth of our 6th baby. We prayed and prayed. Then came, an e-mail from friends whom God had spoken to, to release some finances into our lives. We thanked God and trusted that now that He had provided for the expenses, that He would also lead us to the right place, though it had been extremely hard. Within days, Pitana found the place, 2 weeks before we had to leave where we were. Great. How exciting! You want to know what happened next? We all got sick. All the children, Pitana and I were so sick for a week! We had never been through this before. I remember, we even ran out of milk and toilet paper, but neither Pitana nor I had the strength to go to the store. Thankful for a friend who stepped in to help! By the end of the week, Pitana and the children were doing well, but I was still needing a bit more time. No packing had been done, so Pitana and children set to work for the few days that were left, yet still managing the home. 3 days prior to our move, there was still 3/4 of the house unpacked. But that day, the Lord intervened again! A team of the young adults from our new church showed up. We didn’t know any of them but they entered into the house with a mindset to work.  By the end of that night, we were almost done. Not to mention, we had a fun time with them! The night before we moved, a friend called and asked if he could come and help pack. Pitana was hesitant thinking that there was really not much to do. But how many of you know that the last minute things can take a very long time to pack? The friend was persistent, and how grateful we are. A couple of hours after he arrived, he had packed up all the remaining items readying for the move in the morning! We didn’t even know we needed his help, but God did and gave him that mission which he accomplished well.

The following morning, the young adults team (now with more of them) along with another friend, showed up to move us. They brought a truck, trailer and their vehicles so we didn’t need to rent a moving truck. Within  a few hours, we were in our new place; kitchen unpacked; bedrooms set up; living room set up; books on book shelves; meals prepared and eaten and little ones tucked in bed. Pitana and I sat down to just take it all in. How good is our God! He never seizes to amaze us!

“O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.” Psalm 65:2. God truly hears and answers prayer. As you read this, we hope that you are encouraged to keep praying for whatever situation, you are in. Don’t give up because the answer will surely come.

We have a week left in our daily 21 days of prayer, maybe you need someone to agree with you, we would love to pray with you. Send us an  e-mail.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.” Jude 1:24








Milk,meat and strong meat!


Hello friends,

The word of God gives us three types of food  to feast upon for our growth as children of God. There is first the milk of the word for new born again believers, then we have meat for maturing believers and finally strong meat for mature believers(those who are of age as the bible puts it). Understanding this simple truth will save you lots of headache. Many people have called certain teachings erroneous not necessarily because they were but because they were either supposed to be drinking milk and they took it upon themselves to eat meat or strong meat and it choked them. So when they choked, the reaction was that the teaching was wrong. Friends, do you  see why we ought to depend so much on the Holy Spirit our chief teacher? Jesus himself told his disciples that he couldn’t  tell them everything he wanted to tell them because they couldn’t handle them but he said that when the Holy Spirit would come, he would lead us into all truth. Paul also said that they spoke the wisdom of God to those who were perfect, mature and none else. You see a carrot is very nutritious and even more nutritious when fresh out of the ground. Yet, we all know that if you give it to a baby who is still breastfeeding, he will choke on it and cause some serious injuries. Now, was the carrot bad? No, it was simply served in the wrong season of life. This is why the bible says that the scripture is of no private interpretation. The epistle to the Hebrews is  considered  one of the deepest  books of the bible, yet in it , the writer lamented the fact that he couldn’t feed his audience meat (let alone strong meat) because they were dull of hearing. As I finish, the bible says that strong meat belong to those of age who have exercised their senses to discern between good and evil. The Lord’s great desire is discipleship where all his children can move from a baby stage drinking milk, to a maturing stage eating meat and arrive to a perfect,mature stage eating strong meat. Father we pray for the grace to depend on your Spirit  to teach all things and guide into all truth, in Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen.