Ministry Updates

What a blessed time we had!

Our first discipleship conference went well. Thank you all for your prayers. Those of you who were there, we enjoyed worshiping with you. The ALL NIGHT Friday session was incredible, with 28 people showing up! As soon as we arrived at the building, the lights went off ( in the city), but we were all determined to stay and see what God had in store for us that night. One of the sisters who had just come from a party, had lots of battery empowered candles, to which we lit and began to pray before starting the worship. All of the sudden, the lights came back on! Praise God!DSC01900

The worship was incredible. I cried and laughed as we soaked in the presence of God. How I needed to worship that night! How sweet and refreshing God’s presence was that night. I was so thankful that He had called this meeting just to give us this opportunity to be with Him. No place we would rather have been no no!DSC01884

All the sudden, one of the worship team members said, “I don’t know why but I hear ‘blood transfusion.'” I threw my hands in the air and by faith I said, “I receive it Lord.” With this current pregnancy, I had been a bit weak with low iron and had been praying and wondering how in the world I would be able to go through the whole conference later on do an all night meeting. But the Lord kept commanding me to go, and so I went. From that instance, I had so much strength. I was able to serve and minister the whole weekend and still look after my family. A total miracle for me. Praise God! He is so good!

God worked a beautiful work in many who came. He ministered to families, and we witnessed families walking to the altar and dedicating their whole family to the Lord. Word of knowledge words were given (only God could have known) and prayer offered for those individuals. Don’t you love it, when God chooses to show you His love by telling someone who doesn’t know what is happening with you, to pray with you about that very situation?

Even though it was superbowl Sunday, we had our last session and men, women and children showed up and we lingered around long after the conference was over. What sweet fellowship and food!


Pitana taught on the 7 stages of discipleship showing the potential we have in Christ. From a brand new believer who was there to those who have walked with Jesus longer, we were all challenged to go deeper.