But Money answers all things!


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Money is the only competitor God has. The bible says that you cannot serve two masters, you will either love one and hate the other and then it says you CAN NOT serve  God and money. If we are ignorant of it and how to properly handle it, we will be ruled by it. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. That is why you see in the school system there is no course that teach you how to budget money, how to spend it properly, how to keep money under your feet. Reason why most wealthy people are drop outs. That is why a person can make a $ 150,000 and yet every month has to rely on a credit card to survive. Teach a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it and the next verse says the rich rules over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender. If you will teach your children biblical finances of not robbing God in tithes and offerings and teach them the value of giving and teach them to be dangerous and cheerful givers, you are setting them up to be ruled by God and not money and they will never depart from it. God loves a cheerful giver. Nothing makes you look like God as much as when you are a sacrificial giver. God gave sacrificially. He gave to the world Jesus, His only begotten son and as if that was not enough, He turned and gave to His children (those who receive Jesus as their savior) His Spirit. He is constantly giving.Solomon loved the Lord and gave 1000 offerings. Giving reveals your heart, that is why Jesus in Matthew 6, placed giving before prayer and fasting. To pray is to pour out your heart to God. Therefore, if where your treasure is, is where your heart will be; if your pocket book cannot produce receipts that your heart is in the kingdom of God , it doesn’t matter how much you pray and try to convince God that you love Him, He can see that your heart is  not with Him and He will say that you honor Him with your lips but your heart is far from Him. The bible  says that: ” Honor the Lord with your substance”.  It is very plain from  scripture that Satan is not the other master, money is. Ecclesiastes 10:19 the last part of it says:”But money answers all things”. Friends, it is not so much what we think but what the scripture says; and here the  bible is saying: But, but , but money answers all things(Selah).  To be continued….

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  1. I find at times I don’t know exactly where to give, how can we practically pour our finances into the kingdom of God?

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