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The battle for the woman!

Hello friends,

Allow me for a few minutes to talk about women and their importance. It is interesting to notice that Adam didn’t seem to be a threat to Satan as long as he remained alone. But we see that as soon as the woman came on the scene, the enemy had to get into action. Whoever has the woman has the man and the children. When you study the books of the kings of Israel, you will quickly see that a king would be so wicked but as long the wife was righteous, the children were well and therefore was the next generation preserved. But the man could be very righteous and if the wife was wicked, you could almost forget about the children making it. Of course, this is the majority of the case but there is and will always be exceptions.  The bible is clear in Genesis that there is enmity between the woman and the serpent and Satan knows well that if his trick worked on Eve, he doesn’t plan to stop it. God put in women such perseverance in them to prevail over the man and the children influencing them for the better or for the worse. Women also are very loyal. Look at the women who were so loyal to Jesus not only with their substance but they were loyal even when He was dead.Not knowing that He was rising the third day, they had prepared spices to go to anoint him. My wife will tell you very quickly without hesitation my favorite verse in the bible for women: Jeremiah 9:17 and on, but better yet read the entire chapter. Ladies read it I pray and do what it says and it shall be well with you. So from the time Satan tempted Eve up to now, the battle is still for the woman. Take a minute and look around. Even the bible says that by looking at the behavior of the wife, the word of God could be or not be blasphemed.They are the point of reference for society. I appeal this day to you my sisters in the Lord that you will  this day make a counterculture decision to stand for Jesus, to influence men and children in the ways of the Lord and great shall be your reward in heaven. How much are we men to pray for our wives for a covering from the wiles of the devil.Young men who are reading this, pray for your sisters and mothers to be what God wants them to be.Our Lord understood this and He converted the woman of Samaria and she brought all the men of the city to him. That’s wisdom. In Hebrews 11, we hear of the faith of many men but we read that women received their dead back to life. Sisters, that is the faith that is in you. Dead raising faith. Sisters, my encouragement to you today is that you will use the gifts that God put in you ;perseverance, loyalty and the like(I call them weapons of mass destruction) to destroy the works of the devil as your master Jesus did, by fervently praying for your men and children and giving them Spirit-led encouragement and you will be glad you did.

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