What a healing testimony!

Back in the summer while we were in Midland, Texas, I got on the phone with a friend from Washington state. She was pregnant and had been having issues with her stomach. Finally, the doctor had come back to her and told her that her stomach muscles were not functioning well and that she was to go on a liquid diet. When she told me that, it didn’t sit well with me. I remember thinking that that is not how God designed her body to be. So, I prayed with her, commanding her body to align with the Word of God and refusing the report of the doctor. After praying, I told her to go and eat food. I said she would be fine, “go and eat.” She said that her faith was built up. When she got off the phone, she made a decision that she would walk in faith and eat. She went and ate a little bit of food; and she had some pain. The next day she continued to have small meals with some pain. She continued for 3 days. The more meals she had, the less the pain she got. Of course she had to keep standing on the Word. By end of 3 days, she was totally fine. She has been eating solid food since then. We recently went to see them and meet their new healthy baby. God is so good!

I hope this testimony encourages you. What God does for one, He can do for you. Let us also walk in faith and place that situation that is overwhelming you before God. Remember, God has the final say in every situation. He just needs us to believe Him. “Who hath believed our report?” Isaiah 53:1