Abundance of bread!

At this time of the year, I sense many people having a lot of anxiety. How do I pay for this and that? You know God commands us not to be anxious. You may say, “but you don’t know my bills or my current situations.” That’s why I wanted to share this testimony with you. We hope it encourages you in whatever you are facing today.

Last summer, our fridge was almost empty. We had been praying for food, gas etc. We had just under $50. We agreed and decided to sow all of that money we had into a certain ministry. Within that week, we reaped close to $1500 (Luke 6:38; Galatians 6:7). Before we had made it to the grocery store, we received a phone call from our friends asking if we wanted bread. A very good organic bakery had changed their recipe and was giving away hundreds of loaves of bread. How many loaves did we want? Wow!! Well, we took 75 loaves ; plenty for us and enough to share with others! Our freezer was full and so was the fridge. Glory be to God! Usually such bread a loaf sells between $3.99 and $5. God is so Good.

So, whatever is troubling you today, why not take time to talk to God about it? Why not ask Him for what you need? Often we limit God to our paycheck, thinking that if I am going to have my needs met, it is going to be through that check. The scripture says that we have not because we ask not.(James 4:2) Why not try to ask Him specifically for that need and leave it up to Him how He chooses to meet your need. Be also sure to listen and obey, just in case He has instructions for you.

God bless you as you seek Him today in Jesus’ name. Amen