The courtship of God


This morning I would like to share on how God designed a way to bring us back to Him. When Adam sinned, the Lord had to put him out of the garden, away from Him. Yet right away He started to devise a plan to bring man back in fellowship with Him. The Bible says in 2 Samuel 14:14 : ” yet He devises means so that the banished be not expelled from Him”. We see right away in the Old Testament the Father as God who was above us, who had to come to the patriarchs and to Israel through the prophets courting them but from afar. This is like a man who is interested in a virgin and he starts to send letters through his friends to her showing interest. It can also be seen as a long distance relationship where it is by email or phone only. Next we see this relationship go to the next level, where we see God with us (Emmanuel) coming near to live among us and sympathize with us and be born of a woman and grow like us and walk the dusty roads and be tempted in all  things as we. This is like the man taking the relationship to the next level. Now they are allowed to see each other face to face and talk more. Jesus as God with us and God in the flesh came to have face to face talks with man and to convince him by infallible proofs that He still loved him. So what does He do but to go on the cross and die for him to show His love not just in word but also in deed. Next we move to the next stage, where we see the virgin moved  by the actions of the man, mankind moved by the action of their maker, that He should die for them and so they now open the door for Him to come back for good in fellowship with them. This is where we see God’s last stage, where as the Holy Spirit, He is God in us, we are convinced of His love and care for us and we want Him in, we open the door to Him and invite Him to come and dine with us. Hopefully this will help you see the Bible with a new set of eyes and see that God has been after you all along. Father we pray that you will open our eyes today to see you as you are and welcome you in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.


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