Ministry Updates

5 years in ministry


Five years ago this June,  is when the Lord started us in full time ministry. Now this June, we had so much happening that it did not occur to us that 5 year celebration was due. I am reminded this morning to give God thanks for His faithfulness and His grace bestowed upon us freely. Help us this day celebrate His goodness. Since then He has multiplied us both naturally and spiritually. We started out ministering to our relatives  and acquaintances first here then in Africa. Afterward, He sent us to the nation of Kenya where we ministered in about 10 different cities,june 2011 in Busia Kenya 023 then back to North America where He led  us to share his goodness in about 20 states and 2 provinces.2014 jan 1133 The Lord has expanded our territory and grown the ministry and this brings us to a place of need for volunteers at this time to join in this ministry the Lord has called us to fulfill. Three teams come to mind namely: an intercessory team; a finance team and a technology team.  Would you take time to pray and seek the Lord where He would have you be part  of ? The intercessory team would be for anyone who has a burden to intercede for us as family and a ministry. A finance team would be composed of anyone who either wants to be a monthly financial partner or simply anyone who would want to be included in any mail that addresses any financial needs we may have as a family and ministry. Lastly the technology team would be for anyone who is gifted in different areas of  technology such as website design etc.. and would like to help us in this capacity. We look forward to hearing from you.

Great is Your Faithfulness oh Lord! This is your doing, it is marvelous in our sight!.

Pitana &  Nadia

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Ministry Updates

It’s your turn!

Today in church, we were reminded the importance and goodness of sharing our story. Pitana and I enjoy sharing our stories everywhere we go and pointing out how Jesus is woven in our stories. Even those who would usually not want us to share our faith with them, want to hear our story and in so doing, they can’t deny the goodness of our Savior. But perhaps this time, it can be your turn. Share with us what God is or has done in your life. What is your story and how does God show up in your story?
Psalm 107:2-3 Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story – those he redeemed from the hand of the foe, those he gathered from the lands, from east and west, from north and south.

We are looking forward to reading your story and praising God with you. To God be the glory!

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Ministry Updates

We are excited!

Good morning friends,

We trust that you are all well. We enjoy hearing from you and are blessed to hear how God is at work in some of your lives. We are also always willing to pray with you through whatever you are facing, so feel free to contact us.

A lot has happened since returning to BC this past August. We had a few birthdays: with Jeremiah turning 10! Elizah 3! I (Nadia) 32 and baby Jairus turned 1!!!

We started our new homeschooling year, now teaching 3 children. Our latest student, Wonder (5), just got enrolled in grade 1, skipping Kindergarten which she worked on last year!We got a different car after watching our much loved van be taken to the dump. But, we are enjoying our new ride and are thankful for God’s provision and faithfulness. After looking for a rental for a month, we found one that was vacant and were able to move in 2 days! Pitana had found a temporary job to cover for the extra expenses and was working full time and yet moving us and trying to unpack. What a busy time it was! He was so exhausted after the road trip, then got a physically demanding labor work which made me get on my knees. God is so faithful to provide. A group of 7 students at Trinity Western came and spent over 3 hrs helping unpack and organize our  new house. (Part of their community service). What a tremendous help!

But the greatest news and change for us, which we are so excited about, is that we are expecting our 6th child due in May.

Currently, we are praying, and planning for our next mission trip to Africa end of 2016. We will share more about that in the near future.

Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers,

Pitana and Nadia

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