A vehicle provided!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to thank you for your prayers. After over a month, we now have our own vehicle. Praise God! The Lord surprised us through friends who gave a significant monetary gift to which we added a bit and got a used SUV. God is so good. It is so good to be able to drive all of us together again.

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Talking to people and looking at what we have gone through this year; seems like there are difficulties that many are going through. Those times come, the worse part of it would be to go through it alone. As a Christian, I don’t think we are meant to do life alone. We are so thankful for those who have reached out and continue to reach out to us during our difficulties. They have listened, prayed and sought ways to bless and encourage us.
If you are going through one of those seasons and perhaps feel alone and have no one to walk through this with you, we want to let you know that we would like to walk with you. So e-mail or call and we will agree with you in prayer.

God bless you and let His name alone be praised.

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