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Facts of Faith!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to continue our subject on faith and talk a little bit about certain facts that we can see when we study faith.  Hebrew 11:1 says NOW faith is. Faith is for now. You need faith for the salvation of your loved ones now, you need faith for your healing now, you don’t need faith for tomorrow because the truth is you don’t want to be in lack of whatever you need for one more day. God is a God of faith that is why He said to Moses that His name is I AM. That sounds present to me. I AM your provider now, I AM your healer now,  I AM your defence now. See when you see that, your expectations on when you will receive from Him changes and you will start to see more answered prayers sooner than you ever did. He is our present help in times of trouble. Most of the time, the culture of many Christians is to believe about the great things that God did then and the great things He will do in some unknown future but never consider that the I AM lives in the present and is ready to do the same now, today. The exploits we see in scripture came about because the people we read of in scripture believed God in their day and as a result saw the miracles, signs and wonders. I pray that when we stand before Him on that day, we will be found to have had faith in God in our day. In Malachi, we read : I am God and I change not. I beseech you brethren, believe God today, and tomorrow when it comes it will be your today also. Another quick fact about faith is that Faith comes by HEARING (Not once heard) and hearing  by the Word of God. For faith to stay alive, you must continue daily to hear(hearing) the freshly spoken word of God (this is the proper translation from the original language) Hearing God’s voice is what produces faith and so when someone says that they have a hard time believing God, usually when i ask them if they believe that God speaks audibly, I usually find that they don’t. When you study the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, you find that they heard an instruction from God and did it and it produced the wonders we read in scripture. I will stop here and God willing we will continue next time. Father, today, I am asking that you will give us desires too great to ignore to study faith, to study and practice hearing your voice that at last we shall be found to be sons and daughters of great faith. In Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen.

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