Ministry Updates

At the end of the road trip-2015!!!!!!

We made it! Praise God, we have come to the end of our 9 month road trip mission! Over 18,982 km or 11,795 miles. To God be the glory.We are back to BC! God kept us; provided every need; protected and proved Himself faithful. The scripture says, “when I sent you without purse and pack and shoes, lacked ye anything?” And they said, “Nothing.” Luke 22:35. And we too testify that we lacked nothing.

We are amazed at God’s goodness. Last week, we arrived in time to help set the table and enjoy our son, Jeremiah’s 10th birthday dinner. What a great celebration it was!

DSC01293    DSC01205

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you to all of you who gave finances, homes, meals, hugs, phone call etc. Together, we have concluded another mission trip and only heaven will tell the impact it has had on eternity.

If you would like to get together for tea, dinner or have us share with your family, small group or church, feel free to let us know. We look forward to seeing you.

In Christ,

Mutana family

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