All things!

Hello friends

I invite you today to be like a child for a moment as we look into God’s word. The faith of a child believes the word of God because it is the Word and because we know that it is impossible for God to lie(Hebrews 6:18). The bible says also that let God be true but let every man be a liar (Romans 3:4). All things means all things isn’t it. The bible says that the Spirit of truth, when He comes, He will lead you into all truth(John 16:13) and in another passage it says that the Helper, the Holy Spirit, He will teach you all things. (John 14:26)  Now I beg of you, pause for a moment and think about those words. Have a selah moment. Has the Spirit of truth come to you? If not, take this minute and ask Him to come. This scripture like the rest of God’s word changed my life, it removed every limitation I placed on God and myself. He can teach me all things??? There is no limit of what i can ask him, what i can learn from him. That is heaven on earth. I think sometimes we read the bible too fast and we don’t stop to think about some statements that it makes. Let us look at another one. The bible says that you have an anointing from the Holy one and you know all things.(1 John 2:20)  Now if i told that to my children, they would just believe it. And the bible said that blessed is she that believed because there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.(Luke 1:45) The proof of true faith is that there is a performance of those things that we believed when God said them. I pray this day that the Lord will give all us faith that of a child which is not crowded with doctrines and commandments of men; faith that sings that old hymn which says: “God said it, I believe and that settles it for me.” With this I can assure you that your knowledge of God himself and his word will grow exponentially, when you decide to keep it simple as a little child. Father give us the grace to believe your word in Jesus name. Amen.


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