Ministry Updates

Ottawa mission

Dearly Beloved,

God never seizes to amaze us. His ability to lead and guide us always amazes us.

A few months ago, He spoke to us to head to Ottawa. We knew nobody there except our old friends from BC who generously hosted us for the beginning of our stay in Ottawa. The Lord then through Pitana’s college friend directed us to a church He wanted us to work with. It’s wonderful now to look back and see what the Lord has done. From the first time we entered the church as strangers, to the end of our 2 months mission there, we saw the hand of God at work. By the grace of God, we presented the Gospel and God saved the lost; prayed for many to received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and witnessed the change in their lives. We received testimonies upon testimonies as Pitana presented the truth of God’s Word and it was received. Through the prophetic giftings, the Holy Spirit enabled us to minister and council the church leadership, addressing issues at hand; giving wisdom to deal with them and releasing hope to a church that had had its share of struggles. We ourselves had no idea of these issues but the Holy Spirit did and cared to do something about it. The Pastor said, “we prayed for God’s help and it did come through this missionary family who forsake all to go where God leads them.” Praise be to God.


We finished off our time there with a 2 weeks prayer and fasting in which Pitana preached 5 times that week! God was calling us else where and by His grace, we were determined to give all that He had given us for that body of Christ. The children and I joined in as we prayed for people and saw God set them free.

To summarize, our family was changed and we grew (we can only give what we have). Lives were transformed and our mission accomplished. Praise be to God.

“Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen. 1Timothy 1:17


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