All flesh shall come!

Hello friends,

All flesh shall come! I am sure you have heard that verse before, it comes from the book of psalms 65:2 which says: “O You that answers prayer, unto you shall all flesh come.” My encouragement to you to day beloved is that all nations are waiting to hear that our God answers prayer and it will draw them to Him. You see, everywhere people are looking for answers. This is the reason Jesus said that His house shall be called the house of prayer for ALL nations. Everything begins with us who already have been saved. When prayer gets back its preeminence (first priority)  among us and prayer meeting is as attended as Sunday Service, we will see ALL flesh come to the Lord.It is by prayer and intercession, that the veil is destroyed and people are able to see the light of the gospel of Christ. Hebrew 7:25 says that He is ABLE also to save to the uttermost seeing He ever lives to make intercession. If our master retired from his earthly ministry to be an intercessor how much are we to do it? Of course the reason why prayer meeting is not as attended as the potluck or Sunday service is because people don’t believe that God hears and answers their prayers. My prayer today is that we all will believe the word that says that” Everyone who asks receives and also ask and you shall receive”. When you believe it, even when your experience with prayer has not been positive, that’s when you will start to see a world of answered prayers.The tragedy of our time has been that we have allowed our experiences with God to define what scriptures mean, but scripture says that the truth can not be bound (not by the outcome of our experiences or anything else) truth is truth by itself and remains truth, even when our experience has been different.This is what Jesus upbraided(rebuked) the pharisees with, saying that they had made the word of God of none effect by their traditions (their daily experiences had become the truth and had put God’s word aside). Friends, may the Lord help us to believe his word no matter what. May He help us to walk by faith and not by sight. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Are you attending a prayer meeting at your church, if not, why not start this week? If not how about starting a prayer meeting yourself? we can help!!


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