Over and above what we imagined!

We left Niagara Falls and headed to Mississauga, ON where we had rented a furnished house for the remainder of the winter. The owners were travelling overseas for a couple of months and were flying out that night. Though we had viewed the house a few days prior and had been assured that once they take their belongings (clothes etc) out to store them, that they would clean the house. We arrived while they were getting in their vehicle to catch their flight and all seemed very rushed. By the time we got to examine the rest of the house, they were gone. What a shock to look behind closed closets, kitchen cabinets etc. The house was filthy!! Beyond “gross.” What do we do now? We had no place to go. Most of our money was spent on the rental. What a challenge it was! Would we choose to complain and grumble? Yes, we had been taken advantage of, what would our attitude be? What was supposed to be a point of rest after a long road trip was now a big challenge. How we had imagined entering the house and dropping our bags down and do nothing but rest for the next few days. What had happened? The house was so filthy that once we pulled the covers off the beds, we realized that we could not sleep on the sheets! By now it is about 8 pm and the children are ready for bed. What now? Ok, quick, lets throw the sheets in the washer and we can wait while they dry, right? No, the latest discovery is that the dryer does not work. Wow! Talk about pressure! Decision was made and we headed to the nearest walmart and bought bedding including blankets. At least, we can put the children to bed and God would take care of tomorrow.

In such situations, we believe that if ‘you don’t have something good to say, just be quiet.’ So for us the grownups, there was very little speaking- only what was necessary. The children barely noticed the difficulty, there were new toys to play with, special food already provided and now new bedding- they were having a good time. But for us, what a trial it was to choose to rejoice in such situation.

By the time we had everyone in bed and cleaned out somethings out of the rooms, we were exhausted and headed to bed. We arose and made a decision to clean the whole house until it was livable- there goes our vacation! So with the children playing with Sarah, our nanny, Pitana and I began to tackle the kitchen. Dishes washed, windows cleaned and disfencted, dining table clean, counter, fridge, dishwasher, microwave etc, spotless. Yea, we were making great progress; there was hope until we headed for the stove… When we began to take the burners out to clean them, we realized how inside was rotting (built up dirty food drops- yack!). This was more than we could take. We were done. No laundry, no stove, it’s time to have a very serious talk with the Provider.

All night prayer, fasting and more prayers…. and God showed up BIG!!!!

To be continued…

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