Frequently asked questions-part 1

As we travel, there are 2 main questions we get asked almost everywhere we go. One of those is that of our children’s education.

People want to know what we do for the education of our children since we travel a lot. Our answer is, “we homeschool.’ To some people that’s a foreign concept; they have never heard of it. But in North America, homeschooling is becoming  more and more common.


Although, we travel a lot, our journey of homeschooling began long before we ever knew we would become missionaries. Before we had our first born, the Lord laid it on our hearts to teach our children. Deutoronomy 6:7 spoke to us a lot and we desired to teach our children about our God throughout the day. Back then, we only knew one family that had ever homeschooled and most of their children were out of high school.

After learning some of the things that are taught in schools that are contrary to our faith, we could not justify allowing such input in our children. We knew that we will one day stand before the One who entrusted us with the children and give an account as to how we cared for them; so, we had no peace in placing them in the care of others for a majority of the day, week after week, and year after year.

Though we barely knew any one that had done so, we made a decision to homeschool. We have since met many families; attended conferences etc and found out that homeschooling has been around and legal for many years. We continue to learn and grow in this area but it has greatly enriched our family and we thank God for this opportunity.

A common assumption is that we homeschool because we are missionaries but the fact is, that we are missionaries because we homeschool. And travelling has added many benefits to our classroom.

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In Ontario where we are now, christian parents are in great distress. The government has announced that starting September, it is introducing unbiblical sex education to primary grade levels.

Our encouragement is to consider homeschooling. Don’t just push it aside, research it. Find homeschoolers, shadow them and observe. Pray and then make a decision that you know you can live with.

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