Ministry Updates

Message of Prayer

Last Friday, Pitana was encouraging leaders at the leaders’ all night prayer meeting. He taught on prayer. Below is his message. Be blessed and may God help all of us to awake and call upon His name in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Ministry Updates

Ottawa- 2015

The Lord directed us next to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. We were blessed to reconnect with old friends who were such a blessing to us. The Lord also ordered our steps to the church He wanted us to work with. Below is Pitana’s preaching on faith (with a translator in French), at  this church here in Ottawa. Be blessed.

wpid-img_20150419_123930.jpg wpid-img_20150419_123720.jpg

Thank you for all your prayers on our behalf. The Lord bless you.

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Celebrating Jesus in Pitana

Dearly Beloved,

Today is Pitana’s born again birthday (11 yrs old). It is also the day he got baptized. I am so thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in him. The first 4 months of our marriage were not easy as I waited for him to surrender his life to Jesus. But praise God when he finally did, he was truly converted- all the way! His hunger for the Word has increased over the years. He gave all to Jesus and eventually answered the call to give God all his time. It has not always been easy to be radical for Jesus because of the persecution that comes with it. But I have watched him keep his eyes on the eternal reward and the crown that awaits him yonder. Though I shared the gospel with him, he has since become my pastor. And I am grateful to see and know that he lives what he preaches.

Please help me celebrate Jesus in him. What wonders the Lord can do!

May I ask that you take some time today to :

1) Pray for Pitana

2) Bless him.  I know He has fed many; encouraged many; discipled many and fathered many. Why not encourage him today, be it in word or deed?

Here is a picture of Pitana before he got saved. Can you recognize him? Of course not, the old man died 11 yrs ago. He is a new creature in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!!


Above all that I appreciate of Pitana’s faith, is his desire to make Jesus known to our family on a daily basis. It would be easy to take off on a mission by himself, but he chooses to go with all of us so that all of us together can witness the goodness of God.

Darling, I love you. Jesus, I love you even more. Master, thank you. What a good God you are.

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24



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Over and above what we imagined Part-2

We also realized that the gas bill on the house had not been paid for long and soon, it would be cut off leaving us with no heat in the Ontario winter. The manager the owners had left behind was of no help. We got desperate and cried out to God. Pitana stayed all night praying. As we both prayed, God gave us separately a name of a dear sister we had just met. We obeyed and called her as the Lord had instructed us. We told her that we didn’t know why but we felt we were to share with her our situation. She told us that she was going to pray and then proceed as God leads her. She promised she would be getting back to us that day. By evening, we got the call. She had shared our situation with her homeschooling group. There were 3 people saying that they had furnished homes that we could use. One of those ladies called us. Her mother travels for the winter and has a big house that we could use! She explained that the house was big enough for all of our family. The house also came with a clubhouse which has an indoor swimming pool, gym and a games room! I asked her how much they wanted to rent it and she replied “IT’S FOR FREE!!!” Wow, am I hearing correctly? I asked again how much it would be and she assured me that they just wanted to give it to us for free to use to rest. Free including all utilities too! Praise be to God. Only He can do such a thing!


The house is in Collingwood, ON; a 2 hr drive from where we were in Mississauga. We moved into the house the next day. What a night and day change it was from where we were just coming from. We shouted, danced and cried as we thanked our faithful God. Oh, He is so good. The amazing thing is that those 2 dear ladies have never met. They only knew each other via e-mail!

The house was beyond anything we had imagined. Everyone of us’ desires, including our nanny’s, had been fulfilled. The house was beautifully decorated. Very organized and clean. Such thoughtfulness in every detail. There was Pitana and I’s room (more like a suite); the girls room, the boys room (King size bed) and Sarah, our nanny, had her own “apartment” downstairs- which she so appreciated. There was play room/ game and theater room downstairs with a ping pong table, lots of games, toys and large space with plenty of couches to host a party! There was a craft room- oh my, we had never seen such before, it was like being in a craft store- all kinds of papers, stamps etc. Perfect for a homeschooling family! Lots of room to host friends and family who would need to spend the night when they visited. It was just so perfect for us. A perfect place to rest. Did I mention that it was off the Georgian bay? The club house was free for us to use as well. We just simply enjoyed our vacation and time alone as a family. What a good boss we serve!


We were able to visit renown places such as Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach (longest fresh water beach in the world) which were just a few minutes drive from the house.

We of course continued our homeschooling after resting a bit. We took our classroom out and went to see the “it’s an honour” travel exhibit put on by the office of the Governor General, David Johnson. While learning all we could learn about the Canadian honor awards, we were told that Canada’s most honored man was just on the way to the exhibit. He arrived to find a few of us there and he took time to answer our family’s questions before taking off in a few minutes. General Richard Rohmer, that is his name, is said to be “the most decorated Canadian,” The list of his awards go on and on. We took a picture with him for our keepsake and the photographer on the exhibit took one too. Little did we know that we would be in the local newspaper!!!


I hope you are encouraged as you read of how God turned our trying time into something beautiful beyond what we had imagined. He hears you too. Whatever difficult situation you are facing, please don’t give up. Let’s keep calling unto him.

“O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.” Plsalm 65:2.

To God be the glory both now and forevermore in Jesus’ name. Amen

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Over and above what we imagined!

We left Niagara Falls and headed to Mississauga, ON where we had rented a furnished house for the remainder of the winter. The owners were travelling overseas for a couple of months and were flying out that night. Though we had viewed the house a few days prior and had been assured that once they take their belongings (clothes etc) out to store them, that they would clean the house. We arrived while they were getting in their vehicle to catch their flight and all seemed very rushed. By the time we got to examine the rest of the house, they were gone. What a shock to look behind closed closets, kitchen cabinets etc. The house was filthy!! Beyond “gross.” What do we do now? We had no place to go. Most of our money was spent on the rental. What a challenge it was! Would we choose to complain and grumble? Yes, we had been taken advantage of, what would our attitude be? What was supposed to be a point of rest after a long road trip was now a big challenge. How we had imagined entering the house and dropping our bags down and do nothing but rest for the next few days. What had happened? The house was so filthy that once we pulled the covers off the beds, we realized that we could not sleep on the sheets! By now it is about 8 pm and the children are ready for bed. What now? Ok, quick, lets throw the sheets in the washer and we can wait while they dry, right? No, the latest discovery is that the dryer does not work. Wow! Talk about pressure! Decision was made and we headed to the nearest walmart and bought bedding including blankets. At least, we can put the children to bed and God would take care of tomorrow.

In such situations, we believe that if ‘you don’t have something good to say, just be quiet.’ So for us the grownups, there was very little speaking- only what was necessary. The children barely noticed the difficulty, there were new toys to play with, special food already provided and now new bedding- they were having a good time. But for us, what a trial it was to choose to rejoice in such situation.

By the time we had everyone in bed and cleaned out somethings out of the rooms, we were exhausted and headed to bed. We arose and made a decision to clean the whole house until it was livable- there goes our vacation! So with the children playing with Sarah, our nanny, Pitana and I began to tackle the kitchen. Dishes washed, windows cleaned and disfencted, dining table clean, counter, fridge, dishwasher, microwave etc, spotless. Yea, we were making great progress; there was hope until we headed for the stove… When we began to take the burners out to clean them, we realized how inside was rotting (built up dirty food drops- yack!). This was more than we could take. We were done. No laundry, no stove, it’s time to have a very serious talk with the Provider.

All night prayer, fasting and more prayers…. and God showed up BIG!!!!

To be continued…

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Ministry Updates

Road trip-2015 Niagara Falls.


We continued our road trip from Maryland, driving through Pennyslvania and then crossing into Canada to Niagara Falls. We were looking forward to spending time with family in Ontario and also getting a bit of rest for the remainder of the winter. We searched for many days online to find a rental house we could use while in Canada. At the end of our exhaustion having found no house, the Lord spoke to us clearly to go to Niagara Falls. That was not in our plans at all. He then pointed us to Niagara Falls hosts. He asked us to contact them which we were hesitant. We just wanted to be on our own and not in someone’s house at that time. Never the less, we obeyed. That family was only receiving guests until Jan. 30th as the mama of the home would be giving birth soon. We contacted them and they took time to pray about it as we would be arriving on Jan. 29th. The Lord spoke to them, and they obeyed. So off, we drove to their home which is 8 minutes drive from the famous Niagara Falls. We were well taken care of and refreshed. We right away started to pray that the purpose of God in bringing us there would be fulfilled.

We would later witness to their daughter and see her give her life to Christ. She had been a constant source of strife in the home but glory be to God, there was an immediate turn around. We also shared in a prayer meeting held at the house where Pitana preached on “God’s expectation of us.” Daily the Lord worked in us and in the household we were staying with. I don’t think, we can write about all that the Lord did.

Though we had entered that home strangers, we left as friends. Before leaving, our hostess remarked that with 8 extra people in her house, her home had been more peaceful than when it was just her family of 4! Isn’t God good!

She also asked me, “why did you pick to come to us?” I replied, “the Lord clearly commanded us to come.” She asked again, “what would have happened if we had said no?” I answered her, “God would have still provided for us in another way because He is faithful.” And she said, “but my family would have missed out on God’s blessings.”

“But the end of all things is at hand; be ye therefore sober and watch unto prayer and above all things, have fervent charity among yourselves;for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Use hospitality to one another without grudging.” 1 Peter 4:7-9

We had arrived in the cold part of Canada. There was snow such as our children nor our nanny, had never seen. We were in need of warm clothing. Word went out and a dear lady showed up with piles of Jackets, gloves, hats, snow pants… What a blessing! Our God never fails to provide.

IMG_6087 IMG_6249

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Frequently asked questions-part 1

As we travel, there are 2 main questions we get asked almost everywhere we go. One of those is that of our children’s education.

People want to know what we do for the education of our children since we travel a lot. Our answer is, “we homeschool.’ To some people that’s a foreign concept; they have never heard of it. But in North America, homeschooling is becoming  more and more common.


Although, we travel a lot, our journey of homeschooling began long before we ever knew we would become missionaries. Before we had our first born, the Lord laid it on our hearts to teach our children. Deutoronomy 6:7 spoke to us a lot and we desired to teach our children about our God throughout the day. Back then, we only knew one family that had ever homeschooled and most of their children were out of high school.

After learning some of the things that are taught in schools that are contrary to our faith, we could not justify allowing such input in our children. We knew that we will one day stand before the One who entrusted us with the children and give an account as to how we cared for them; so, we had no peace in placing them in the care of others for a majority of the day, week after week, and year after year.

Though we barely knew any one that had done so, we made a decision to homeschool. We have since met many families; attended conferences etc and found out that homeschooling has been around and legal for many years. We continue to learn and grow in this area but it has greatly enriched our family and we thank God for this opportunity.

A common assumption is that we homeschool because we are missionaries but the fact is, that we are missionaries because we homeschool. And travelling has added many benefits to our classroom.

2014 jan 835

In Ontario where we are now, christian parents are in great distress. The government has announced that starting September, it is introducing unbiblical sex education to primary grade levels.

Our encouragement is to consider homeschooling. Don’t just push it aside, research it. Find homeschoolers, shadow them and observe. Pray and then make a decision that you know you can live with.

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