Ministry Updates

Road trip 2015- Maryland


From South Carolina, we drove to Maryland via Virginia where we spent 2 days. In Maryland, we ministered at the church of the pastor we had met in South Carolina 2 weeks prior. We were so welcomed and loved on and knew that it was totally the ordaining of the Lord that we were there.


After we ministered in song as a family, Pitana preached on ” 7 stages of discipleship.” The people were very attentive and blessed. What a treasure it was for us to hear one by one, these beloved ones come and share the revelations they received and how the Word was challenging them. The Lord was calling this flock to “come up hither.” We were in awe of God. How He directs our steps to the right place at the right time. He is truly Amazing!


The pastor treated us out to lunch followed with children’s lesson in blowing the shofar. It was a wonderful day.


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