Above and beyond!

It has taken us some time to find a place to live in here, Ottawa, for the time God has us here. Looking for a furnished place on a month to month basis proved not easy. But He who called us here knew that, yet He sent us here. Surely, He had a plan. We rejoice to tell you that we finally got a furnished 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, apartment on a month to month basis. Hallelujah! When we shared this at the church where we are serving, they said ‘impossible, there are no month to month rentals here.” We serve a God who knows no impossibility! Though we were thankful and relived to have a place, there were some things we desired to see changed. We prayed and had a friend pray with us too. Minutes later the landlord arrived for the appointment we had with him. We let him know that the kitchen was not cleaned well and most of the pots were so burnt we could not use them.  The kitchen was also very small- few cupboards and very little counter space (a dish rack on one side and a crock pot on the other side leaves no free counter space). He has another apartment above us, so we were asking if we could move up. Being with children, he preferred us down lest we make noise for those below us. So, he looked at us and said, “we’ll put in more cupboards and a new counter that would run from wall to wall! It will be a one day job.” He also said that he would send the cleaning lady again to clean and that I should give her a list of any items I want and that she would go and buy them. We were just asking for other pots but here we were being told that anything we wanted in that kitchen, just to write it down and it would be bought! In our travels, we’ve noticed that such furnished temporary places will usually have 2 or 3 pots, a few plates, cups etc… mostly suitable for no more than 4 people and we would just try to manage. Not easy for our family of 7. But here, we were being told, we could set up the kitchen to serve our family. Isn’t God so good! The lady came and cleaned. I then gave her the list and she left to go buy them right away. She returned shortly with all new kitchen necessities including big pots- Yea- no more cooking rice in 2 small pots just to feed our family!


She then gave me her cell number just in case there are items I forgot to ask her to buy. I was having a hard time adding items to the list knowing that they were buying the extra items just for us. But the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that He had provided and that I needed to receive. So I sent a text to the lady with the items I had hesitated to tell her. This morning, she showed up early with those items.

wpid-img_20150426_164724.jpg  She took care of a few other things that needed attention and then she reminded me to call her if there is anything else we are missing. God is overwhelming me! The cupboards just finished being assembled and the new counter is in! We serve an amazing God. I just had to share this and testify that God is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, think or imagine.” My only issue is “Lord, help me to imagine bigger…” Amen.

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3 thoughts on “Above and beyond!”

  1. We have seen how God has provided for you in the few years we have known you. It only proves again and again that you hear His voice and you are obedient servants.

  2. Wow praise the Lord for that Nadia. I’m very encouraged with this testimony. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  3. Wow! Again God is wonderful, purposful and to be praised. I stand in awe with you in adoration of our awesome God! Praise the Lord!!!
    Much love, Jess

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