Ministry Updates

Road trip 2015- South Carolina

We returned to South Carolina where we stayed for a week. On our drive from Tennessee, I opened the glove box to get a cassette. I then discovered dollar bills- $600. God is so good to provide. He knows we need gas, food etc to keep serving Him. He knows your needs too and He has creative ways to meet them.

Back in South Carolina, we had a flat tire – the first issue we had with the van since beginning our travels in November- it was now January. We had just arrived from grocery shopping and parked outside the hotel where we intended to rest for a week. When we got out, we saw the flat tire. How God was so good to us! We could have had a flat tire on the highway or in the middle of no where, but God took care of us. Now that we were at our destination for a week and had all the food and necessities we needed, it was not a concern to have a flat tire. Pitana and I looked at each other and said, “I guess we are really going to rest.” We didn’t look at the car for some days. One night when Pitana and I were at the hotel lobby enjoying time alone, we saw a pastor from Maryland we had met a few days earlier. In a few minutes, he and Pitana were working on the car and all was good again. We rejoiced to meet our brother and he left us an invitation to Maryland.

We met so many people that have enriched our lives. Let me share one such account. We met an elderly lady who has children who are not walking with the Lord. She asked me, “do you know where my children are?” Then she replied, “they are seated with Christ in heavenly places.” (Ephesian 2:6). Isn’t that a better confession than …?

Be blessed. We love you.

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