Ministry Updates

Road trip 2015- Tennessee

From South Carolina, we drove to Georgia where we picked up Sarah, our nanny and then headed to Tennessee where we attended Morris Cerullo conference and sat under the teachings of great men of faith such as Tommy Bannet, Jentenzen Franklin, Michael Pitts, Craig Hill and many others. We were sad to of course to miss Dr. Myles Munroe who had been scheduled to be there before he went to be with the Lord. But we were ministered to and greatly encouraged! What a wonderful way to begin the year.

Then on Sunday, we drove to Primm Springs where Pitana preached on ‘a picture of discipleship’ based upon the 7 feasts.


We rejoiced to see our dear friends again- Colin and Nancy Campbell and their family. What a wonderful time we had sharing the Word, feasting and having loud fellowship at the Howard and Evangelina’s house. They were gracious to share with us some of their parenting wisdom. It was very hard to leave after only being there a day. We could have pitched our tent (or van!) for a good long while, but we needed to keep on going. Sarah, our nanny, was of course blessed too, to be back where we had met her and where she had served for a year. It was good to see her reunite with here friends. What a precious family of God; their ministry changed our family for good. God reward them.

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