Ministry Updates

Road trip- 2014- North and South Carolina

From Georgia, we drove to Waxhaw, North Carolina where we took time to rest and enjoy lots of family time. While we waited for our rental home, we were hosted by a couple who are missionaries with JAARS (Wycliffe). There were many delays with the house we had booked and we were not able to move in. As we prayed and sought God for what to do, He told us to move into the Heritage International Ministries Conference center hotel for a week. Of course, we initially wrestled with the idea knowing  that it would cost a bit of money. But when we were sure that that is what the Master was asking us to do, we booked and moved in. A couple of hours after we arrived there, it was time to put the children to bed, so I wrapped the baby on my back and went out of the room to walk around so that the baby could sleep. It was then that I met a very enthusiastic lady who was talking with her friend. She quickly introduced herself and began to tell me the healing journey God had her on the last 3 months. We talked a bit and once she found out we had 5 children, she set out to help me get appliances I needed to be able to make meals for the next 7 days. Her friend carried his microwave to the room for me. She pleaded with me to go to her room with her so she could give me her electric kettle and some food. They also looked into getting us a mini fridge which we were so thankful for. Wow, we were set. All within 2 hours of being there, the Lord had provided again! I put the baby to bed and sat outside the room to talk with my new found friend. It was then that I understood why God had rearranged our plans and had us come to this hotel. My new friend wept and laughed and wept some more as the Holy Spirit took over and enabled me to minister to her deep wounds she had carried for many years! God is so good. She was overwhelmed, she assured me she did not cry before strangers, neither had she shared some of her story with anyone there. The Lord had been doing a great work in her the last 3 months and she said, ‘this is what I needed for my next level.’ We parted our ways and headed to our rooms. Very early in the morning, we had some noise by the door, when we looked and opened, there was a a bag full of gifts that my new friend had left there for us. When I found her to thank her, she told me that she was not able to sleep that night we met, for when she went back to her room, she ‘lay down’ before the Lord as He used the the things I had said to her to work in her; granting revelation, remembrance, forgiveness and healing. To God be the glory! We serve a God who lives the 99 sheep and goes after the one. To some, it might look like it is a big expense to check in the hotel like that, but God puts no price (money wise) on a soul! So we rejoice at God’s goodness.

In the days following, we were to meet and encourage other people, some of whom have become cherished friends. It was here too that the Lord had us ministered to. Prophecy upon prophecy; scripture upon scripture; Word of knowledge and fresh revelation as God sent his servants from different parts of the world to us. We were so encouraged and strengthened as one after one, we were admonished and built up. How refreshing!

We even met a young prophet who has gone through so much and who said to us, ‘finally, I found people who can understand me!’ Whereas the Lord was encouraging Him and building him up through us, his friendship and ministry has been a huge blessing to us. Pitana would later tell him, ‘just meeting you was worth the drive from BC.’ God knows how to refresh His servants.

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