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Road trip 2015- Maryland


From South Carolina, we drove to Maryland via Virginia where we spent 2 days. In Maryland, we ministered at the church of the pastor we had met in South Carolina 2 weeks prior. We were so welcomed and loved on and knew that it was totally the ordaining of the Lord that we were there.


After we ministered in song as a family, Pitana preached on ” 7 stages of discipleship.” The people were very attentive and blessed. What a treasure it was for us to hear one by one, these beloved ones come and share the revelations they received and how the Word was challenging them. The Lord was calling this flock to “come up hither.” We were in awe of God. How He directs our steps to the right place at the right time. He is truly Amazing!


The pastor treated us out to lunch followed with children’s lesson in blowing the shofar. It was a wonderful day.


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Above and beyond!

It has taken us some time to find a place to live in here, Ottawa, for the time God has us here. Looking for a furnished place on a month to month basis proved not easy. But He who called us here knew that, yet He sent us here. Surely, He had a plan. We rejoice to tell you that we finally got a furnished 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, apartment on a month to month basis. Hallelujah! When we shared this at the church where we are serving, they said ‘impossible, there are no month to month rentals here.” We serve a God who knows no impossibility! Though we were thankful and relived to have a place, there were some things we desired to see changed. We prayed and had a friend pray with us too. Minutes later the landlord arrived for the appointment we had with him. We let him know that the kitchen was not cleaned well and most of the pots were so burnt we could not use them.  The kitchen was also very small- few cupboards and very little counter space (a dish rack on one side and a crock pot on the other side leaves no free counter space). He has another apartment above us, so we were asking if we could move up. Being with children, he preferred us down lest we make noise for those below us. So, he looked at us and said, “we’ll put in more cupboards and a new counter that would run from wall to wall! It will be a one day job.” He also said that he would send the cleaning lady again to clean and that I should give her a list of any items I want and that she would go and buy them. We were just asking for other pots but here we were being told that anything we wanted in that kitchen, just to write it down and it would be bought! In our travels, we’ve noticed that such furnished temporary places will usually have 2 or 3 pots, a few plates, cups etc… mostly suitable for no more than 4 people and we would just try to manage. Not easy for our family of 7. But here, we were being told, we could set up the kitchen to serve our family. Isn’t God so good! The lady came and cleaned. I then gave her the list and she left to go buy them right away. She returned shortly with all new kitchen necessities including big pots- Yea- no more cooking rice in 2 small pots just to feed our family!


She then gave me her cell number just in case there are items I forgot to ask her to buy. I was having a hard time adding items to the list knowing that they were buying the extra items just for us. But the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that He had provided and that I needed to receive. So I sent a text to the lady with the items I had hesitated to tell her. This morning, she showed up early with those items.

wpid-img_20150426_164724.jpg  She took care of a few other things that needed attention and then she reminded me to call her if there is anything else we are missing. God is overwhelming me! The cupboards just finished being assembled and the new counter is in! We serve an amazing God. I just had to share this and testify that God is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, think or imagine.” My only issue is “Lord, help me to imagine bigger…” Amen.

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Ministry Updates

Road trip 2015- South Carolina

We returned to South Carolina where we stayed for a week. On our drive from Tennessee, I opened the glove box to get a cassette. I then discovered dollar bills- $600. God is so good to provide. He knows we need gas, food etc to keep serving Him. He knows your needs too and He has creative ways to meet them.

Back in South Carolina, we had a flat tire – the first issue we had with the van since beginning our travels in November- it was now January. We had just arrived from grocery shopping and parked outside the hotel where we intended to rest for a week. When we got out, we saw the flat tire. How God was so good to us! We could have had a flat tire on the highway or in the middle of no where, but God took care of us. Now that we were at our destination for a week and had all the food and necessities we needed, it was not a concern to have a flat tire. Pitana and I looked at each other and said, “I guess we are really going to rest.” We didn’t look at the car for some days. One night when Pitana and I were at the hotel lobby enjoying time alone, we saw a pastor from Maryland we had met a few days earlier. In a few minutes, he and Pitana were working on the car and all was good again. We rejoiced to meet our brother and he left us an invitation to Maryland.

We met so many people that have enriched our lives. Let me share one such account. We met an elderly lady who has children who are not walking with the Lord. She asked me, “do you know where my children are?” Then she replied, “they are seated with Christ in heavenly places.” (Ephesian 2:6). Isn’t that a better confession than …?

Be blessed. We love you.

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A Muslim (Hadji) saved!

Beloved, today I want to share with you my father’s testimony. He was a Muslim; in fact he was a Hadji (had made the pilgrim journey to Mecca). This is how he got saved:
He came to see me in my room one day. While there, he saw my bible (I had just started learning about Jesus and going to church). At that time, he could not read English and his spoken English was limited. So he picked up my bible which was in English, and began to read it and you know what? He could read English. He got so excited, wouldn’t you? He went to get a newspaper (in English) and tried to read it but could not! So he began to pay me a visit every morning in my room to read my Bible as he was interested in learning English.
But you know ‘faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.’ One Sunday morning, the last Sunday of the year, I was surprised to hear him offer to drive me to church! I quickly ran to change my clothes before he could change his mind. When I came back downstairs where I had left him, he was not there. I called him and shortly I saw him come down the stairs dressed in a suit. I said, ‘Dad, you don’t need to wear a suit to drive me!’ keep in mind I was 18 yrs old. He replied,’I am going with you to church today.’ Wow! I was so glad. God was answering my prayer right in front of my eyes. The Spirit of God really worked in him as we drove for those 40 minutes before reaching  the church. For the first time, he was acknowledging God for the different things he had given himself credit for in his life; he was now seeing that it had been God working in his life. We reached church and the congregation was happy to see my father attend church with me. Being the last Sunday of the year, the Pastor announced that he was going to anoint everyone with oil and pray for each for the coming year. Beginning at the front, a row of people went forward for prayer. As some were prayed for, some fell under the power of God and others didn’t. My dad began to mock saying that those who fell down were faking it. Well, our turn came and we went forward including my father. The minister would get to pray for me before my father as he would go by my way first. As the Pastor made his way down the row, my dad says that he began to confess his sins asking God to forgive him. He began to think that maybe those that were falling down were the ones with worse sins. He said to God, ‘please don’t let me fall. Don’t let my daughter see how bad I am.’ And on he pleaded for mercy. Well, the Pastor prayed for me and I didn’t fall down. My dad was now sure of his theory as he said, ‘I know my daughter is good and she didn’t fall down.’ So it was his turn. While being prayed for, he felt weak but fought hard to not fall. You know what happened? He didn’t fall down backward like the rest of the people who had fallen down. A force pushed him down forcing his knees to bend and he fell on the floor kneeling down. You know ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.’ He could not feel his legs. While on that floor. He heard a voice in our native language, Kinyarwanda say, ‘he’s been received!’. When he was finally able to get up, he found me back in my seat. He asked me, ‘did you speak to me.’ I answered him, ‘how could I speak to you when you were at the front and I in my seat in the back?’ He then asked, ‘is there anyone here who speaks our language?’ I said, ‘no, dad.’ He could not get over that voice that he had heard so clearly. The following day was new year’s eve and there was going to be a service at the church. I being 18 yrs old was heading to Niagara Falls for celebration. My dad surprised me when he informed me that he was heading to church that night! Wow!! Well, he went and there he received Jesus. Shortly after, the power of God came upon him and he found himself speaking and singing in a new tongue. The Lord had filled him with the Holy Spirit. He was a new man. Hallelujah! Praise be to God! He is a good God!

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Ministry Updates

Road trip 2015- Tennessee

From South Carolina, we drove to Georgia where we picked up Sarah, our nanny and then headed to Tennessee where we attended Morris Cerullo conference and sat under the teachings of great men of faith such as Tommy Bannet, Jentenzen Franklin, Michael Pitts, Craig Hill and many others. We were sad to of course to miss Dr. Myles Munroe who had been scheduled to be there before he went to be with the Lord. But we were ministered to and greatly encouraged! What a wonderful way to begin the year.

Then on Sunday, we drove to Primm Springs where Pitana preached on ‘a picture of discipleship’ based upon the 7 feasts.


We rejoiced to see our dear friends again- Colin and Nancy Campbell and their family. What a wonderful time we had sharing the Word, feasting and having loud fellowship at the Howard and Evangelina’s house. They were gracious to share with us some of their parenting wisdom. It was very hard to leave after only being there a day. We could have pitched our tent (or van!) for a good long while, but we needed to keep on going. Sarah, our nanny, was of course blessed too, to be back where we had met her and where she had served for a year. It was good to see her reunite with here friends. What a precious family of God; their ministry changed our family for good. God reward them.

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Ministry Updates

Road trip- 2014- North and South Carolina

From Georgia, we drove to Waxhaw, North Carolina where we took time to rest and enjoy lots of family time. While we waited for our rental home, we were hosted by a couple who are missionaries with JAARS (Wycliffe). There were many delays with the house we had booked and we were not able to move in. As we prayed and sought God for what to do, He told us to move into the Heritage International Ministries Conference center hotel for a week. Of course, we initially wrestled with the idea knowing  that it would cost a bit of money. But when we were sure that that is what the Master was asking us to do, we booked and moved in. A couple of hours after we arrived there, it was time to put the children to bed, so I wrapped the baby on my back and went out of the room to walk around so that the baby could sleep. It was then that I met a very enthusiastic lady who was talking with her friend. She quickly introduced herself and began to tell me the healing journey God had her on the last 3 months. We talked a bit and once she found out we had 5 children, she set out to help me get appliances I needed to be able to make meals for the next 7 days. Her friend carried his microwave to the room for me. She pleaded with me to go to her room with her so she could give me her electric kettle and some food. They also looked into getting us a mini fridge which we were so thankful for. Wow, we were set. All within 2 hours of being there, the Lord had provided again! I put the baby to bed and sat outside the room to talk with my new found friend. It was then that I understood why God had rearranged our plans and had us come to this hotel. My new friend wept and laughed and wept some more as the Holy Spirit took over and enabled me to minister to her deep wounds she had carried for many years! God is so good. She was overwhelmed, she assured me she did not cry before strangers, neither had she shared some of her story with anyone there. The Lord had been doing a great work in her the last 3 months and she said, ‘this is what I needed for my next level.’ We parted our ways and headed to our rooms. Very early in the morning, we had some noise by the door, when we looked and opened, there was a a bag full of gifts that my new friend had left there for us. When I found her to thank her, she told me that she was not able to sleep that night we met, for when she went back to her room, she ‘lay down’ before the Lord as He used the the things I had said to her to work in her; granting revelation, remembrance, forgiveness and healing. To God be the glory! We serve a God who lives the 99 sheep and goes after the one. To some, it might look like it is a big expense to check in the hotel like that, but God puts no price (money wise) on a soul! So we rejoice at God’s goodness.

In the days following, we were to meet and encourage other people, some of whom have become cherished friends. It was here too that the Lord had us ministered to. Prophecy upon prophecy; scripture upon scripture; Word of knowledge and fresh revelation as God sent his servants from different parts of the world to us. We were so encouraged and strengthened as one after one, we were admonished and built up. How refreshing!

We even met a young prophet who has gone through so much and who said to us, ‘finally, I found people who can understand me!’ Whereas the Lord was encouraging Him and building him up through us, his friendship and ministry has been a huge blessing to us. Pitana would later tell him, ‘just meeting you was worth the drive from BC.’ God knows how to refresh His servants.

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Running the race!


Hello friends,

I am thinking this morning how personal our walk with God is. In Hebrew, the twelve chapter we are admonished to run our race looking unto Jesus who both authored and perfected our faith. It is hard to both look at Jesus and look at other things as well. I am hoping to talk today though about the weight and especially the sin that so easily beset us because this verse is the prerequisite of running our race. The weight of course is anything that drags us so we are not fit to run but what is more on my heart is the sin. Sin means missing the mark. To hit the mark means not to sin and that is why God designed our walk to be so personal because He wants us to hit the mark. If Satan will not keep a person from running their race, he will bring distractions to delay them or get them out of the race. The bible says that if you have faith, have it to yourself before God(Romans 14:22), if you have wisdom, have it to yourself(Proverbs 9:1). Faith itself means steadfastness, to be unyielding, not turning to the right or to the  left, not looking back like Lot’s wife. Paul said it this way: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus(Philippians 3:14). As we have traveled in many places, I have been amazed to see how people are not focused on running their race and finish their course. They are distracted by trying to discern whether Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and many others who may not have good search results on Google, whether they are servants of God. Friends, can’t you see that this is a distraction, don’t you have enough on your plate. The bible says in Romans that every servant stands or falls before his Master(Romans 14:4). We are encouraged also to study to be quiet (1 Thessalonians 4:11) Peter had just received his own calling and commission from Jesus and yet he still wanted to know what John was to do. To this Jesus answered and said:” What is that to thee, follow thou me”John 21:22. In the natural it takes a great deal of focus to run and obtain the prize, my prayer today is that you will not be distracted from first knowing  your calling and running your race as to obtain the prize . Father, give us the grace to stay focused to the task you have given us and to not give in to manifold distractions set in our path. In Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen.

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