Computers provided!

For awhile we had one computer, given to us in 2008 as a gift. It is the one we traveled countries and continents with. But it was giving up and hanging by a string. Last summer, we asked God for another computer. We had looked at a refurbished computer that would cost $225. We agreed that God would provide that money. Very shortly after, someone we had ministered to handed us an envelope with $250. After we paid out tithe on it, we had exactly the $225 we needed. Praise God, with got the computer!

It was our personal, ministry and homeschooling computer. Everyone had to be patient. We had to coordinate our schooling; Pitana’s study and ministry work and never mind any personal emails etc. But we were thankful and learned to schedule time for computer usage. Then, it was dropped once when one of our children was going to use to use it for school. But after some prayers, it worked well again! Hallelujah!

Then a few weeks ago, a little bit of water fell on the computer. It would not work well again. We were going to visit friends and one of them works with computers. The Lord said, ‘take the computer to him to look at’ so we obeyed. After looking at it, he told us that it could not be revived although he had good news, we had not lost any of our files! We told him that it had to work because it was the only one we had for personal, ministry and homeschooling usage. On top of that one of our sons had government tests to do online the next few days! Our friend was surprised to find out that we only had one laptop. He said, ‘you at least need 2 computers :one for ministry and the other for schooling.’ We told him that we agreed but that is what we had at the moment.

The computer did not work well again. We drove home from our visit, only to arrive and receive a phone call from our friends letting us know that they had ordered us 2 new laptops! God is so good. To Him be all the glory! The laptops arrived in 2 days and our son was able to use it for his tests. Hallelujah!


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