God’s approach !

Hello friends,

In the book of genesis, we get an insight on how God deals or resolves a state of chaos and void and emptiness. Genesis 1:2,3 talks about how the earth of was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said let there be light. There is so much to unpack out this. First we see that the earth  was in state of chaos (now remember that we as people are earthy or of the earth, it will make sense soon) and then we see God come to bring a solution to that problem.  Here is the great thing that I see, before God spoke light into the situation, He had first to have his Spirit move upon the waters. This principle if you grab it today will make your growing in God much more easier than ever before. As people we find ourselves in a state of chaos, hopelessness where we feel that darkness is so deep in us, that there is no way out. Well, God always has a way out and the way out is the following: First, we must let  the Spirit of God move (give Him liberty to do as He wills in your life). Have you lately asked Him to move freely in your life ? Then we see second that God will speak light into your situation bringing clarity and exposing darkness. At this point now you know what to repent of and move on. Have you asked God to give you His Holy Spirit? He promised in Luke 11:13 that those who ask will not be denied. But in the book of James 4:2 it says that you have not because you ask not. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, have you given Him the Freedom to move? Here is the truth, God would not speak light until His Spirit had moved and it is still the same today. The Holy Spirit by divine appointment is the beginning stage of anything God will do in us. He is the one who convicts us of sin (before we are saved), of righteousness, who teaches us all things, etc May I encourage you today to give the Spirit of God first priority in your life and freedom to move as He will and with this the light of God will continue to shine in your dark situations. Father, we repent for grieving your Spirit and not allowing Him to move, will you give us your grace today to study Him, know Him and have fellowship with Him. In Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen.

The Lord bless you.


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