Ministry Updates

Georgia – Road trip 2014


From Mississippi, we drove to Goodwater, Alabama. There we were refreshed; met new brothers and sisters; enjoyed being in the middle of no where and shared our testimonies.

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From Alabama, we drove to Rome, Georgia; to the home of of our nanny, Sarah. What a joyous occasion it was for Sarah to see her mother and for us to meet her. Lots of tears of joy!! We enjoyed good southern cooking and got to know Sarah better. A homecoming party had been arranged, so Sarah’s friends and family came over to welcome her back and to meet us. What a precious time it was!


In one of our family devotions while we were there, we studied on the scripture that says that “you do not have because you do not ask.” James 4:2. So for prayer, everyone gave a prayer request and we prayed accordingly. Sarah’s mom’s prayer was that her children, her family, be saved. So we asked our youngest daughter, Elizah, to pray for that and we agreed with her. Literary, a couple of hours later, Sarah’s sister called the mother and ended up surrendering her life to Jesus right on the phone! Hallelujah! God is so good! He does answer prayers even those you have prayed for a long time just as Sarah’s mom had. So keep on praying and pray again.

We felt at home and enjoyed our stay. We then prepared to leave Sarah at her home for nearly 3 weeks, for Christmas while we continued on. We truly enjoyed our time with Sarah’s mother as we talked in the late hours.

There is more to God. Our prayer for us and for you all is that we will go deeper in the knowledge of our God. Let’s not be satisfied. Let’s press on to the “high calling.” Philippians 3:14.

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